New Guidelines on Campus Sexual Violence

The American College Health Association on Thursday released new guidelines on how colleges should address sexual and relationship violence. The new guidelines recommend that colleges provide an anonymous reporting option for victims, ensure access to 24-hour crisis response and conduct climate surveys on a regular basis. "The intention of these guidelines is to promote trauma-informed policies and practices that will provide a comprehensive approach to addressing sexual assault and relationship violence on college and university campuses," the ACHA's Creating Guidance for Addressing Sexual Assault Task Force said in a statement.

The full list of guidelines can be found here.

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CUNY Reaches Tentative Deal With Faculty Union

After years of stalled negotiations, the City University of New York announced on Thursday a tentative contract deal with its faculty union, the Professional Staff Congress. The proposed contract includes 10 percent in compound salary increases over seven years, most of it retroactive. In addition to pay, the contract features a multiyear appointments for adjunct faulty members and a provision that would allow professors to devote more time to individual students.

Barbara Bowen, union president and a professor of English at Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center, said in a statement that it was “able to negotiate a strong, imaginative contract in a period of enforced austerity for public workers because our members mobilized. The fight for our contract was a fight for investment in quality education at CUNY.”

James B. Milliken, CUNY chancellor, said in a separate statement that the agreement “provides not only a much-needed increase in pay for our many faculty and staff, but it also includes additional provisions important to CUNY’s competitiveness for talent at all levels.”

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Focusing on 'high-demand' fields is key to tuition assistance programs, Amazon says

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As more companies expand tuition assistance benefits, Amazon says its model -- which focuses on "high-demand" fields -- is the one they should follow.

U Washington Faculty Rejects Proposed Salary Reform

Faculty members at the University of Washington voted down a controversial plan to address salary compression, a common term for when junior faculty members make close to or more than what senior professors are paid due to changes in the market between points of hire. About 58 percent of eligible, full-time faculty members at Washington’s Seattle, Tacoma and Bothell campuses participated in the online vote; the tally was 1,328 for the plan and 1,356 against, with 58 abstentions. The initiative, which included a peer-approval mechanism for tiered and retention raises, needed a two-thirds majority of affirmative votes from those casting ballots to pass.

Gautham P. Reddy, a professor of radiology at Seattle and a member of the Washington Faculty Senate’s executive committee, said he agreed with the outcome. While faculty members in some schools and colleges would benefit from a new faculty salary policy, he said, “the proposal would not have worked well for some of our academic units, including the medical school, some of our other professional schools and our fast-growing campuses in Bothell and Tacoma.” The Senate is expected to continue working on salary compression issues next year.

Gail Stygall, a professor of English at the Seattle campus who supported the plan, said Washington knows salary compression is a serious concern, and that she hoped a feasible plan to address it would soon emerge. In the meantime, she said, “We’ll struggle onward.”

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UC Davis Chancellor Sent Aides to Switzerland

Linda P. B. Katehi, who was suspended as chancellor of the University of California, Davis, in April, spent more than $17,000 to send aides to Switzerland, Texas and Maryland to learn more about social media, The Sacramento Bee reported. The trips were part of an effort by Katehi to improve the university's image. The trip to Switzerland was prompted by a visit Katehi made there to Nestlé's Digital Acceleration Lab, which monitors all forms of media for the company. Katehi's spokesman said that the trip was part of an important effort to see if similar programs could work for Davis.

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Public university presidents seeing big gains in bonuses, other perks

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New study on compensation for leaders of state colleges and universities finds costs for bonuses and other expensive benefits are growing.

New presidents or provosts: Briar Cliff Butte Hazard Mobile St. John's Schreiner Seattle Southwest Baptist Xavier

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  • Charlene S. Aaron, assistant professor at Illinois State University’s Mennonite College of Nursing, has been selected as chancellor at St. John's College of Nursing, also in Illinois.
  • Jennifer Lindon, dean of occupational technologies/workforce solutions at Hazard Community and Technical College, in Kentucky, has been promoted to president there.

College leaders need to promote more of their own faculty members as administrators (essay)

College leaders should take steps to grow their own academic administrators from among the faculty members in their midst, writes Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt.

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Weatherford College president may have falsified information about his past

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The president of Texas-based Weatherford College is accused of presenting false information about his employment history and hiding details of a criminal past while applying for his job.

St. Cloud State President Killed in Car Crash

Earl H. Potter III, president of St. Cloud State University, died Monday night as a result of injuries in a car crash. He was driving to Minneapolis-St. Paul for a meeting with the university's foundation board chair. A biography on the university's website notes many accomplishments since he became president there in 2007.

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