North Carolina governor joins chorus of Republicans critical of liberal arts

North Carolina governor becomes the latest Republican to question the value of liberal arts, push more vocational training and target the state's flagship.

After inappropriate conduct in Miami case, NCAA to investigate its enforcement division

After discovering its staff essentially paid for subpoena power in its inquiry at the U. of Miami, the association orders an external review of its enforcement division.

New Purdue president outlines critiques of higher education

Former governor of Indiana, in first week as Purdue president, issues unusually frank letter about challenges facing higher education, urging university to become "counterexample" to the failings of academe.

State appropriations for higher education up in 31 states, report says

State appropriations for higher education increased in 31 states last year, according to new report, though the gains were small in most, reflecting broader economic shifts.

Moody's report calls into question all traditional university revenue sources

Every university funding source is under pressure, Moody’s asserts, meaning that all institutions -- even the elites -- need to rethink their business models.

Job ads' 'physical demands' raise eyebrows

Faculty advocates and disability law experts question physical requirements included in many of Azusa Pacific University's job ads.

Universities spend more on athletics per athlete than on academics per student, report finds

Colleges spent much more on athletics per athlete than on academics per student between 2005 and 2010, new report finds, with growth in the former outpacing the latter.

AAUP calls for faculty participation in financial exigency declarations

With more institutions citing budget woes as they eliminate academic programs, AAUP offers new recommendations for faculty involvement in such decisions and just what constitutes financial exigency.

WICHE report highlights decline in high school graduates and growing diversity

Decrease in high school graduates and growth of minority groups will put increased pressure on states to rethink policies and institutions to improve recruitment, retention and outreach to new student populations, according to new report.

Preparing for an unusually severe flu season, colleges draw on lessons from H1N1 pandemic

Trying to head off a likely epidemic flu season, college officials are breaking out prevention and treatment tactics developed in the wake of 2009's H1N1 pandemic.


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