Louisiana State takes disagreement with Elsevier to court

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Louisiana State University takes Elsevier to court in an attempt to settle a disagreement with the publisher about its $1.64 million contract.

Report finds growth but volatility in online education market

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Online enrollment continues to grow as the total number of students in college shrinks. The growth is particularly strong at private nonprofit colleges, report finds.

Study on faculty job market finds some gender gaps shrinking and others remaining

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New research suggests limited role for gender in predicting whether new Ph.D.s will get tenure-track jobs, but notable differences on pay and other issues, favoring men.

Report indicates first-year students are more politically polarized than ever

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Annual survey of first-year college students reveals deep partisan splits.

Study examines role of search firms in finding women leaders

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Female candidates tend to do better as recruitment processes progress, a study finds.

Ann Coulter will back out of Berkeley talk

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The controversial conservative author has decided not to speak at Berkeley, saying it would not be safe.

Duke undergraduate curricular reform vote tabled indefinitely after years of work

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Collapse of undergraduate curricular reform at Duke illustrates the difficulty of building consensus on just what students need to learn.

Whittier Law School shutdown raises prospect of future closures and access for underrepresented students

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Plans to close law school spark questions about future shutdowns and worries about impact on student access.

New round in debate over Ann Coulter and her right to speak at Berkeley

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She refuses to speak when university says it would be safe and insists she will appear this week. Milo Yiannopoulos says he's coming back in the fall.

Making a case in the streets for federal support for science

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Researchers, academics say communicating about importance of federal funding key to march success.


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