OpenStax saved 1 million students $70 million

OpenStax, the nonprofit based at Rice University that produces peer-reviewed openly licensed textbooks and materials, told “Inside Digital Learning” that during the 2016-17 academic year more than one million students at 3,800 institutions nationwide used OpenStax resources and that those learners saved more than $70 million total.

The rising stars of the digital humanities

These five rising stars work in alternative-academic and traditional tenure-track positions at public research, liberal arts and Ivy League institutions.

Drexel's Test Drive allows students to try out online learning

Drexel University gives prospective distance learners a chance to test free an online course.

Mobile apps gaining ground on handheld clickers

Many colleges continue to employ handheld clickers, but smartphone apps are gaining ground.

Inside Digital Learning -- Mobile Apps Gaining Ground on Clickers

In today’s “Inside Digital Learning”:

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Inside Digital Learning -- Mobile Apps Gaining Ground on Clickers
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Inside Digital Learning -- Aug. 2, 2017, Newsletter

Campus administrators weigh a more practical argument for higher education

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Facing skeptical public and politicians, campus business officers discuss strategies for making a more practical case for higher education.

National U to create $20 million personalized education platform

As reported in Inside Higher Ed, National University will spend $20 million on a four-year personalized education project, with a goal of using the new platform in 20 general education courses by next year.

Online Courses as Good as In-Person Classes

Fred Lokken disagrees with a recent “Views” contributor who wrote that online education isn’t working -- and provides data to prove his points.

Higher ed mergers are difficult, likely to grow in popularity, speakers say

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Mergers are hard, but they’re likely to be a topic of interest going forward, even if they don’t all make it off the drawing board, leaders with experience tell audience at NACUBO meeting.

National U experiment combines multiple pieces of personalized learning

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A $20 million project from National U seeks to combine adaptive courseware, predictive analytics and competency-based learning with a goal of better serving adult students.


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