Who would win the NCAA tournament if the games were decided by academic performance?

Who would win the NCAA men's basketball tournament if the games were decided by the teams' classroom performance? Inside Higher Ed has the answer.

Candidate negotiated out of a job responds to critics


'W.' attracted sympathy and ire last week when the story of her failed attempt at negotiating a tenure-track position went viral. Now she's addressing her critics.

Can U.S. government tell colleges in poor financial shape from those that are not?

The U.S. Department of Education says a school for hypnotists is in better financial health than Harvard University. Could there be something wrong with the math?

College ratings proposal is already leading one university to change admissions standards


One university says it has already begun denying admission to “risky” applicants over fears of how it would be rated under the Obama ratings proposal.

Evergreen State College's unusual take on assessment

Evergreen State College's lone graduation requirement is surprisingly simple -- and surprisingly complex.

Merger talks between Montreat College and Point University suddenly collapse

A deal to merge two Christian colleges in the South collapsed. It's not entirely clear why Montreat College and Point University weren't meant for each other, but many at Montreat agree it's a good thing.

Some colleges consider changes in adjunct caps in wake of IRS guidance


While some colleges are studying the possibility of restoring adjuncts' sections in the wake of guidance from the IRS, they aren't moving yet.

After deep cuts, can Iowa Wesleyan rebound?

Iowa Wesleyan eliminates 22 of its 52 professors and half of its academic programs. The president thinks it is now ready to grow. Can it?

U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign faculty watch strike at Chicago campus closely


Faculty at the U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are divided over a unionization drive, and watching stalled negotiations at university's Chicago campus.

Tying college presidents' wages to the salaries of cooks and janitors

Activists at St. Mary's College of Maryland and Brandeis University have asked presidents to tie their wages to staff salaries.


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