Felician Sees Enrollment Drops, Cuts 16 Faculty Jobs

Felician College, in New Jersey, has announced that the college will not renew the contracts of 16 faculty members at the end of the academic year, reported. Felician does not have tenure. The cuts are due to falling enrollment. Felician's enrollment is 2,000, down from 2,400 in 2010.

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Debate Over Plan to Break Up Pennsylvania System

Some Pennsylvania legislators are working on a plan that would allow the larger institutions in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education to break away and become independent "state related" universities, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The move comes at a time that some system campuses are experiencing enrollment declines and that they all face state budget cuts. System leaders oppose the plan, saying that it would lead to higher tuition rates for those campuses that break away, and would undercut those institutions that remained in the system.


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Mumps Outbreak at Ohio State U.

At least nine students at Ohio State University have mumps, WBNS News reported. Officials are trying to determine the cause of the outbreak. In February, Fordham University saw an outbreak.


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Debate on Sexuality, Graffiti and Punishment

The Santa Fe University of Art and Design has been debating how to respond to graffiti in response to an art project, The Santa Fe Reporter reported. The art exhibit was about female sexuality, and was called "Cliteracy: 100 Natural Laws," by the artist Sophia Wallace. After the exhibit was on campus, one or more people started leaving graffiti on hallways and doors on campus with depictions of certain female body parts and the words "solid gold clit" or the abbreviation SGC. Administrators, unable to find those responsible, said that they would fine every student who lives on campus $250. This angered many, and officials backed down, but they are still left with the costs of removing the graffiti.


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New Kennesaw State Statement on Removal of Art

Kennesaw State University, under fire for removing an art installation because it would not have been "celebratory" at the opening of a new museum, on Wednesday issued a new statement about its views on the issue. The art that was removed dealt with a woman whose land the university obtained and whose writing have led many to call her an apologist for lynching. The art installation did not focus solely on this issue, but included it among many parts of the woman's story.

The new university statement said: "The exhibit does not exist in a vacuum; it is connected to a sensitive controversy in Kennesaw State’s recent past, which remains extremely raw for many university constituents.Given that the opening of the Zuckerman Museum of Art was intended to be a celebration of new space dedicated to the arts, withdrawing the exhibition was a difficult decision that we knew would not be well received – and one which was unfortunate due to the administration’s late knowledge of the subject matter. This was the result of communications breakdowns in our internal processes, which are being addressed." The statement added that the university is "holding conversations with the artist to explore re-instating" the artwork, "accompanied by related programming."

The artist is Ruth Stanford, associate professor of sculpture at Georgia State University. She said Wednesday that the university called her to talk about restoring the installation "with context," but has yet to provide details on what that means.


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New presidents provosts: Framingham Kent Medicine Hat Mt. Carmel NCCU UNT Wilkes

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  • Johnson O. Akinleye, associate vice chancellor for academic programs at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, has been named provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs at North Carolina Central University.

Penn State Will Hold Auction of Intellectual Property

Pennsylvania State University on Tuesday announced plans to auction off some of its intellectual property. Like most research universities, Penn State holds patent rights on many inventions, and many of these patents haven't been taken to market in a meaningful way with new products or services. Penn State believes that its auction is the first of its kind and could provide the university with revenue and allow more patents to be used to their fullest potential.


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Case Western Law Dean, Target of Suit, Resigns

Lawrence Mitchell, who is facing complaints of harassment, has resigned as law dean at Case Western Reserve University, The Plain Dealer reported. Mitchell and the university were sued by a professor who said that he faced retaliation when reporting complaints that Mitchell has harassed women at the law school. Mitchell has denied the allegations, but said that "I have concluded that I cannot return to my job as dean with the same energy and enthusiasm that characterized my earlier service." He will continue on the law faculty.


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Kennesaw State Urged to Restore Art Removed From Exhibit

The National Coalition Against Censorship -- which includes numerous academic groups -- has written to Kennesaw State University to demand the restoration of an installation that administrators ordered removed from an exhibit last week. The installation was about land once owned by Corra Harris (1869-1935), who was a prominent author and whose homestead the university accepted as a gift to preserve in 2009 -- over the objections of some faculty members. Part of the installation dealt with a racist letter Harris wrote -- a letter that launched her careers and that has had her identified ever since as an apologist for lynching. The university said that the installation was ordered removed from an exhibit in the new art museum at Kennesaw State because the work was "not aligned with the celebratory atmosphere of the museum’s opening."

The letter from the National Coalition Against Censorship says in part: "The removal of Ruth Stanford's [the artist's] work is not only a missed educational opportunity, it also raises serious constitutional concerns. As a public educational institution, Kennesaw State has an obligation under the First Amendment not to discriminate against particular ideas, no matter how controversial they might be."

A spokeswoman for the university said that she did not know of a response from the institution.


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Universities debate how to quell cyberbullying on confession websites

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Years after "confession" sites appeared, campuses still struggle to figure out how to respond.


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