Brandeis changes compensation policies after $5 million payout to ex-president

As Brandeis announces a jaw-dropping payout to its former president, the university also says it has changed compensation rules in ways that might prevent a future payment of that size.

College endowment funds did well in the market in 2013

College endowment funds saw healthy double-digit investment returns in 2013.

At U. of Illinois, decision to keep classes going leads to racist and sexist Twitter attacks on chancellor


When U. of Illinois chancellor didn't cancel classes, Twitter erupted in racist and sexist comments -- and discussion of those slurs.

House Committee Report Highlights Plight of Adjunct Professors

A new report on the impact of adjunct labor marks a new level of interest in Washington about the changing nature of the higher education workforce.

State higher ed funding rebounds but not yet to where it was before the recession

Nationally, states are continuing to restore aid to higher ed, but funding is still lower than it was before the recession. 

New presidents or provosts Alfred State Idaho Penn St. Brandywine St. Francis SMSU Southern Utah Florida

  • Marshall Criser III, president of AT&T Florida, has been appointed as chancellor of the State University System of Florida.
  • Bill Eddleman, vice provost and dean of the School of Graduate Studies at Southeast Missouri State University, has been promoted to provost there.

Alabama university limits president's love life

Alabama State University doesn't want its president to have live-in lovers -- and has banned it in writing.

Donor dependent Bard College faces the future

As Moody's points out the college's financial vulnerabilities – such as cash on hand to last 2 weeks – President Leon Botstein sticks with his philosophy of spending the money he raises.


Highlighting Berkeley, paper explores academic damage of expanding, independent athletics program

Paper argues that without clear values and mission but with lots of money, Berkeley athletics has gotten out of control, at the expense of academics.

Temple cuts highlight cost of big-time football

While Temple attributes the decision to cut seven teams to other issues, it is one of many universities that have cut Olympic sports while upping spending on football.


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