U. of Chicago grad students who are breast-feeding want a place to pump


Debate at U. of Chicago raises question: Are graduate students who are breastfeeding mothers entitled to a private place to pump?


Higher ed lobbyists press for end to sequester as budget talks resume

Higher education advocates are once again pressing lawmakers to end automatic budget cuts as Congress begins new negotiations over federal spending this week. 



MLA sees decline in job listings in English and languages


MLA's annual jobs report shows dips in hiring for both English and foreign languages.

Twitter thread examines attention-seeking male professor stereotype


Do male professors need and seek out attention from their female students? A popular feminist blogger thinks so, as do many of her Twitter followers.

Some professors fear Catholic colleges are ignoring call by the pope to focus less on abortion and homosexuality


New pontiff has suggested that church leaders focus less on abortion and homosexuality. So recent actions at Roman Catholic colleges have faculty members wondering if administrators missed the latest from Rome.

California community colleges' cautious experiment with accelerated remediation

Accelerated remediation starts to catch on at California community colleges, but might be slowed down by public university transfer policies.

Professors afforded few guarantees of privacy in the Internet age

Several professors recently have come under fire for communications with students they intended to remain private. But little is private in the Internet age, experts say.

Montana adjusts to life as a 'blueprint' for sexual assault response

Montana didn't ask to be the national model for sexual assault response, but after a series of alleged rapes, the U.S. government made it so. Staff members and students adjust to expansive policies and a spotlight that isn't dimming.

As colleges prepare for major software upgrades, Kuali tries to woo them from from corporate vendors


As colleges replace aging campus management software, billions will be spent. Can open-source Kuali save money, and gain traction against corporate competitors?

Academics to propose federal legislation restructuring NCAA

A sports reform group pitches federal legislation to enable colleges to collaboratively cut sports costs and increase emphasis on education and athlete welfare.


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