Two years after dramatic price drop, Sewanee's tuition has climbed back up

Sewanee got a lot of attention for dropping its sticker price in 2011. Now it's back up. 

Proposed Ph.D. funded by JPMorgan Chase raises questions at U. of Delaware

A planned doctoral program at University of Delaware -- funded primarily by JPMorgan Chase -- is raising questions about academic-business partnerships.

NYU offers to let election go forward on union for teaching assistants but not research assistants

NYU offers to permit election on collective bargaining for teaching assistants, but not for research assistants. Move marks shift for university, but union leader says it is based on "arbitrary distinctions."

Harvard rejects call to divest from fossil fuels

University president says she doesn't believe selling holdings in fossil fuel companies is "warranted or wise," and suggests doing so would be inconsistent with how students and professors use energy.

With malicious attacks on the rise, universities seek security


The number of malicious attacks colleges and universities are bombarded with has increased exponentially over the last decade, but so have institutions' means of fighting back.

Government shutdown curbs academic research at many levels

Research nationwide was interrupted Wednesday as the federal government shutdown continued for a second day.


Tufts adjuncts vote to form union, begin metro effort


Successful organizing drive by Tufts adjuncts is part of "metro" strategy being pushed in Boston area and elsewhere.

Are colleges being too quick to suspend professors?

Recent sanctions by colleges against faculty members have some calling for renewed discussion of when a professor should and shouldn't be removed from duty.

In fifth presidency, Evan Dobelle faces many allegations that ended his fourth

Westfield State University President Evan Dobelle is facing allegations that mirror the charges that ended his last presidency. Did anyone on the search committee notice?

ABA panel calls for overhaul of law school education

ABA panel urges restructuring of pricing and financial aid, creation of new models of legal education, and a shift in faculty culture. Tenure systems would not be required for accreditation.


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