Probe Ordered of Air Force Academy Athletics

The Air Force Academy has ordered a probe of its athletics department after a report in The Colorado Springs Gazette about numerous violations of academy rules and the law by athletes and the way some officials in the past have looked the other way. The Gazette article describes how "cadet athletes flouted the sacred honor code by committing sexual assaults, taking drugs, cheating and engaging in other misconduct at wild parties while the service academy focused on winning bowl games and attracting money from alumni and private sources in recent years."


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A North Dakota university looks to partner with and maybe buy a for-profit consulting firm

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A small private college gets very close to financial firm -- and hires its founder.

Interim President Gives Up Part of Salary for Low-Paid Workers

The interim president of Kentucky State University, Raymond Burse, asked his board to cut more than $90,000 from his $350,000 salary so that raises could be given to those who earn the least at the institution, The Herald-Leader reported. The money will be used to raise the salaries of those who earn less than $10.25 an hour (considered by many to be the lowest livable wage) to that level.

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U. of Virginia Criticized Over Draft Guidelines for Trustees

Legislators and others are criticizing a draft policy under consideration by the University of Virginia's Board of Visitors that suggests that they should not publicly criticize decisions made by the board, The Washington Post reported. The draft distinguishes between debate before and after a decision is made. “After robust discussion of an issue, we strive to reach a consensus on the merits,” the draft says. “Visitors shall publicly support, or at the very least not openly oppose, the board’s action as a strong, visible consensus facilitates successful execution of policy and strategy.” Critics say that the policy is anti-democratic and anti-dissent. Others are criticizing the $200,000 paid to a consultant to help develop the policy. The board has been reviewing how it can function better in light of a governance crisis two years ago when board members attempted to oust the university president.


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New Details on Dobelle's Spending at Westfield State

The Massachusetts inspector general on Thursday released a report on spending by Evan Dobelle when he was president at Westfield State University. He was forced out of office in November amid reports of excessive spending, which he said was related to his efforts to raise money. But the new report questions those claims, The Republican reported. For example, in 2010, he spent 17 days at the Bohemian Grove camp (an all-male social club in California), claiming the time there as a fund-raising trip. But auditors could find no evidence that he met with any potential donors. During his six-year presidency, Dobelle spent six months in San Francisco, the report found, and much of that time overlapped with Bohemian Grove activities. The report also notes that Dobelle brought family and friends on a 2013 trip to Cuba with the university's baseball team. Since travel to Cuba is highly regulated by U.S. authorities and the trip was limited to those there in an official capacity, the report said, Dobelle told family members and friends to say that they were adjunct faculty members or assistant coaches. Dobelle and his lawyer did not respond to requests for comment.

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How to avoid the pitfalls that commonly trip up college leaders (essay)

Christine Helwick describes some of the financial and managerial problems that trip up college leaders -- and how to avoid them.

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New presidents or provosts: Fort Hays Frederick Memphis Missouri Tech Niagara SDCC SIU-E UT Rio Grande

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  • Parviz Ansari, dean of the College of Science and Mathematics at Rowan University, in New Jersey, has been named provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville.

New Leader for Christian College Group

Shirley V. Hoogstra, vice president for student life at Calvin College, was on Wednesday named as the new president of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, whose members come from a number of denominations. Hoogstra worked as a lawyer before joining Calvin. She takes over at a challenging time for the organization. The last permanent president, Edward O. Blews Jr., was fired in October, after nine months on the job. In February he sued the organization. All CCCU institutions have statements of faith, but those statements vary, and a number of CCCU institutions are having internal debates or are facing external scrutiny abut their policies on issues related to sexuality, the teaching of evolution and other subjects.





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Ohio State Band Alumna Defends Her Rookie Nickname

A former member of Ohio State’s marching band has written an open letter to the university’s president protesting the firing of band director Jonathan Waters amid findings of widespread hazing in the band, The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported. Alexandra Clark, the band alumna, says she embraced the sexual nickname older bandmates assigned her. That nickname – “Joobs” – didn’t bother her when she was in the band. But the university, she contends, has made it into something shameful.

When Ohio State fired Waters last week, the university made public a report chronicling acts of hazing and sexual harassment that occurred in the band. One objectionable practice, the university found, was the assignment of denigrating nicknames to new members. The report listed nicknames such as “Jizzy” and “Twinkle Dick.”

Discussion of Band Hazing

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One nickname received a note of explanation. Next to “Jewoobs,” the report added: “given to a Jewish student with large breasts.”

“I’m the “Jewoobs” that the entire Internet seems to be talking about,” Clark wrote, in what may be a slight overstatement. The former band member, who was in the band until 2011, said the institution "turned a lighthearted joke and rookie name given to me by my row mates with my full consent into something shameful.”

“What is truly shocking about [the university’s report] is not the list of antics by a group of hormone filled college students, but the complete lack of respect for the privacy and dignity of the band members,” Clark wrote. “Included in the list of “offensive” rookie nicknames are things like Donk, Tulsa, Tiggles, and Jewoobs. Ohio State clearly had no interest in learning anything about these strong, intelligent women and instead decided that their delicate feminine sensibilities needed to be defended by adding their names to a list of things they feel the Buckeye community should feel disgusted and ashamed about.”

She said her best friends still call her “Joobs.”

Clark is not the only former band member to protest Waters’s firing. An alumni-driven petition demanding that Ohio State reinstate Waters has garnered more than 7,000 signatures. And an online fund raising money for Waters and his family “to use in the way they deem neccesary” [sic] has attracted almost $13,000 in donations in four days.

A group of about 15 marching band alumni, mostly women, marched across Ohio State’s campus Monday to demand Waters’ reinstatement, the Columbus Dispatch reported. Waters’ supporters say the university didn’t give him enough time to change the marching band’s culture. 


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U. of Massachusetts at Dartmouth ordered to promote a professor

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State board orders U. of Massachusetts at Dartmouth to pay damages after finding that an Asian woman's bid for full professor status was not handled in the same way as other applications.




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