In Germany, students are more satisfied at universities with high marks for research


Elite status having nothing to do with the student experience rubs off on perceptions -- even if this is irrational, study finds.

Advice for managing departmental conflicts and disputes (opinion)

C. K. Gunsalus, Nicholas C. Burbules, Robert A. Easter and Jeremy D. Meuser recommend five steps for managing conflicts and disputes.

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Southern Illinois proposal that alumni volunteers do faculty work doesn't go over well

Southern Illinois Carbondale's proposal that alumni volunteers do faculty work (without pay) doesn't go over well.

Instructional design peer mentor program heads to second year with positive reviews from first round

The ID2ID program, hosted by Penn State and Educause, creates mentor-mentee and buddy-buddy relationships that connect designers to their community and provide concrete guidance.

U of Maryland will reconsider policies after backlash over student mental health, temporary eviction

A University of Maryland student who voluntarily checked into the hospital for a mental health scare wasn't allowed back into her campus apartment, which struck many on campus as insensitive.

Strada Buys Labor-Market Data Firm

Strada Education Network announced Tuesday that it has acquired Economic Modeling LLC, a company commonly referred to as Emsi, which uses economic data to track employment and salary trends. Colleges increasingly use Emsi and Burning Glass to track labor markets with an eye toward their graduates' employment options. The nonprofit Strada did not disclose how much it paid for Emsi.

The former USA Funds, Strada last year rebranded with a focus on student completion and the work force. Since then it has acquired several nonprofits and companies, including InsideTrack, DXtera Institute, Education at Work, Roadtrip Nation, Student Connections and the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning.

"Improving the exchange of information and insights between consumers, educators, employers and workforce leaders is a core focus of Strada’s work, and Emsi’s expertise and services sit at the heart of our mission," William Hansen, Strada's president and CEO, said in a written statement.

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New presidents or provosts: Adelphi Bryan Chesapeake Delaware CC Endicott Fairfield Illinois State Imperial MnSCU Montana State

  • John Caron, associate dean of the Krieger School of Arts & Sciences at Johns Hopkins University, in Maryland, has been appointed as provost at Endicott College, in Massachusetts.
  • Clifford P. Coppersmith, dean of City College, part of Montana State University Billings, has been chosen as president of Chesapeake College, in Maryland.

University of Florida online/residential degree program sees growing interest as first class graduates

Ten students will soon graduate from a Florida program that allows them to become residential students after taking their first 60 credits online. Their experiences were challenging but largely positive, they say.

Group projects in online classes create connections and challenge instructors

Group projects might seem more daunting in an online format, but instructors say they've found ways to foster collaboration and avoid logistical roadblocks.

Columbia Grad Assistants Go on Strike

Graduate teaching and research assistants at Columbia University went on strike Tuesday over the institution’s refusal to negotiate a contract with their United Auto Workers-affiliated union. Columbia's graduate students voted more than a year ago to unionize, following a major National Labor Relations Board decision in their favor asserting that graduate assistants on private campuses are employees entitled to collective bargaining. The university has legally challenged that decision, however, saying that graduate students are students, not employees. Picket lines are planned through next week.

Olga Brudastova, a teaching assistant in Columbia’s civil engineering and engineering mechanics department, said in a statement, “We work long hours for Columbia, and most of us take home less than $30,000 a year while securing millions in grants and research funding. We want a union because we want real recourse when faced with sexual harassment or assault and progress on issues like late pay, dilapidated lab facilities and benefits. We won a union election with 72 percent of the vote 16 months ago -- and the law is clear. Columbia must bargain with us. As long as they refuse to respect our legal rights, we will take action to take our power back.”

Caroline Adelman, university spokesperson, said via email that Columbia respects “the rights of students to express their views and the rights of all students and faculty to continue their teaching, learning and progress toward degrees.” While Columbia collectively bargains with more than a dozen unions representing thousands of university employees, she said, “we believe that student teaching and research assistants who come to Columbia for an education are not ‘employees' under the law.” The NLRB has repeatedly reversed itself on this issue, “depending on the changing political makeup of the board,” Adelman said, and the university does “not understand why the [graduate assistants’ union] prefers the pressure tactics and disruption of a strike to a definitive, nonpartisan resolution of that legal question in the federal courts.”

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