Turmoil in Engineering at Oregon State

Oregon State University announced Friday that the engineering dean and the head of the electrical engineering and computer science program were both being removed from their positions immediately, although they remain on the faculty, The Oregonian reported. The dean, Sandra Woods, had earlier moved to dismiss the head of the electrical engineering program, Terri Fiez, but had agreed to let Fiez finish out the academic year. Many faculty and business leaders criticized Woods for dismissing Fiez.


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New presidents provosts: Baker CSU-Dominguez Hills Chipola Columbia Mills Northeast Lakeview

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  • Shelley Berkley, former U.S. representative from Nevada, has been named CEO and provost of Touro University's Western Division.
  • Angela Fairchilds, president of Woodland Community College, in California, has been chosen as president of Columbia College, also in California.

King U. President, Under Fire, Resigns

Gregory D. Jordan has resigned as president of King University in Tennessee amid increasing criticism from faculty members and alumni, The Times News of Kingport, Tenn., reported. While board members defended him, critics said he was shifting attention to branch campuses and ignoring the concerns of those on the main campus.

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Florida State President Is Pick to Lead Penn State

The board of Pennsylvania State University is expected today to name Eric Barron as the institution's next president, The Centre Daily Times reported. Barron, a former dean at Penn State, has been president of Florida State University since 2010. The Penn State search has been difficult, as the university continues to recover from the Jerry Sandusky scandal, and as an earlier leading candidate pulled out of contention amid reports he had been padding his salary without authorization from his board.

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Complaint Halts Loyola Marymount Adjunct Union Vote

The National Labor Relations Board late last week halted an adjunct union vote at Loyola Marymount University, due to reports of university interference in the organizing process. The election, slated to have begun Friday, won't go forward until the board investigates an unfair labor practice complaint lodged by Loyola Marymount union organizers. The complaint says the university had "interfered with, restrained and coerced" adjuncts by "soliciting employee grievances and expressly or impliedly [sic] promising favorable resolution of these grievances." A university spokeswoman said Friday that the university was not aware of any activity supporting the allegations. Adjuncts at Loyola Marymount are attempting to form a union affiliated with Service Employees International Union, which is attempting to organize adjuncts across Los Angeles and several other metro areas, including Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., as part of its Adjunct Action campaign. SEIU alleges that Loyola Marymount has held mandatory, small-group meetings for adjuncts, during which administrators have asked them to vote down the union.

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College president signs Valentine's card for each person on campus

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At New College of Florida, the president has a wish for each student, faculty member and employee today.

Vote of No Confidence in President of King U.

Faculty members have voted no confidence and students are protesting Gregory Jordan, the president of King University, in Tennessee, The Johnson City Press reported. Administrators say that Jordan is making changes to position the college in the changing environment for higher education. But professors say that he has refused to listen to their concerns, and falsely characterized critics as a marginal group.


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Former head of Christian college group sues over his dismissal

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Former head of association of Christian colleges sues over his firing last fall.

NLRB seeks guidance on adjuncts at religions colleges and the relevance of 'Yeshiva' decision

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Labor board seeks views on how to evaluate whether adjuncts may unionize at religious colleges, and continued role of Yeshiva decision that largely stopped collective bargaining by tenure-track faculty at private institutions.

Perry Will Have Some Say About Next U. of Texas Chancellor

The University of Texas System's board expects to spend four to six months finding a new chancellor to replace Francisco Cigarroa, who announced Monday he would step down after his successor is named. 

Cigarroa plans to focus now on practicing medicine, which he has done even as chancellor, and also advise the system as it prepares to establish a medical school in the state's Rio Grande Valley. In recent years he has resisted intense pressure from some members of the Board of Regents who are close to Governor Rick Perry, a Republican, to fire Bill Powers as president of the flagship campus at Austin. Powers has been defended by many students, faculty members and alumni. At a press conference, Cigarroa said he continues to support Powers.

“I evaluate all presidents, as I’ve always done, based on facts and performance," he said. "You know [...], I support President Powers, and I’ll continue to evaluate presidents every day, not only President Powers but all 15.” The system has nine universities and six current medical centers.

Board of Regents Chairman Paul Foster said, not unexpectedly, that Perry, who appoints the board, would have some say in who replaces Cigarroa. 

“His input will be sought and will be certainly considered, but he doesn’t have a direct role in the process," Foster said.

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