Tufts University builds a track record of administrators becoming college presidents

Three former Tufts leaders became college presidents on the same day, so what's the secret sauce?

Koch Foundation pledges to make future grant terms public, but critics want to know more about past agreements


The Charles Koch Foundation pledges to make future grant terms public, but critics still want to know more about past agreements -- specifically whether they allowed the foundation a role in faculty hiring or curricular decisions.

Penn announces online master's degree on Coursera platform

Coursera expands its online degree push for working adults, this time going Ivy League, with a new master's in computer and information technology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Attorney general again denounces campuses on free expression, but what about Kansas?

Jeff Sessions gives another speech denouncing campuses for failing to permit all viewpoints to be heard. When it comes to recent incident at University of Kansas, he's not talking.

Former Adrian College professor pleads guilty to hacking college email accounts

She's now an ex-professor. Adrian College's president, who had his emails downloaded, says he was targeted for reasons that remain unclear.

Former Taylor University professor sexually harassed women for decades, survivors allege

A Taylor University professor who resigned amid allegations he sexually harassed women had been accused of behaving inappropriately for decades at professional conferences. But organizers kept asking him back.

UVA professors object to a senior fellowship for high-ranking Trump surrogate

UVA professors object to a senior fellowship for a high-ranking Trump surrogate who has defended the president's comments on the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville.

UW Madison addresses acceptance and affordability concerns… over ice cream

The University of Wisconsin at Madison is viewed by some in the state as elitist, expensive and liberal, so the university's alumni group is holding one-on-one discussions around the state -- offering ideas and ice cream.

Some presidents forge a path from liberal arts colleges to professionally focused institutions

A handful of college presidents have decided to make the unusual move from a liberal arts college to a professionally oriented institution. Despite love for the liberal arts, they say the time was right -- for many reasons.

New analysis of English departments says numbers of majors are way down since 2012 but it's not a death sentence for departments

Report documents decline in numbers of majors but growth in new tracks. Of the specializations within major, writing is doing relatively well, and literature not so much.


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