Reed College considers whether its harassment rules are insufficient

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Controversy leads Reed College to ask: Should colleges bar even consensual relationships between supervisors and their subordinates? Are student employees entitled to know about harassment findings in departments in which they work?

Wesleyan removes controversial hummus from shelves

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Wesleyan U. stops selling an Israeli brand of hummus in what students with a pro-Palestine group call a success for their boycott. 

Plan for Cuts at U. of New Orleans

University of New Orleans officials on Thursday announced a series of cuts designed to save money in the wake of enrollment declines. The Times-Picayune reported that the plan includes:

  • Closing seven degree programs.
  • Eliminating the geography department.
  • Requiring department chairs to teach a minimum of two courses in the fall and spring semesters, with the goal of reducing reliance on adjuncts.
  • Reducing the budget for adjuncts by $1 million.
  • Eliminating 10 instructor positions and 4 library positions.



Florida Pays Colorado State $7 Million for Football Coach

The University of Florida will pay Colorado State University $7 million to hire away its head football coach, Jim McElwain, Colorado State announced Thursday. It is the largest such buyout in college football history. The previous record was the $4.3 million buyout the University of Texas paid to the University of Louisville for its head coach earlier this year. Colorado State will receive $3 million in cash from Florida and $2 million from McElwain. As part of the agreement, the university will be paid another $2 million to play a football game at Florida. Colorado State's offensive coordinator will serve as an interim coach as the university searches for a full-time replacement. 

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Public universities don't have to comply with California minimum wage laws, but some are and some aren't

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As voters and politicians in California's expensive Bay Area push higher minimum wages, at least two public universities aren't paying it.

U. of Alabama Will Review Use of 'Dixieland Delight'

The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa plans to review the use of the song "Dixieland Delight" in athletic events, reported. Critics have suggested that Dixie-focused music can be less than inclusive to black students and fans. At the same time, the university denied rumors -- which have angered many Alabama fans -- that the university has already decided to ban the song from official events.


U. of Mary Washington Shelves Plans for Greek System

Following the suspension of Greek social functions at a slew of colleges and an allegation of gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity, the president of the University of Mary Washington has placed a hold on the university's plans to potentially establish a Greek system on campus. In an email to the student body, Richard Hurley, the university's president, announced the creation of a 15-person task force comprising professors, students, and staff that will explore issues surrounding Greek life and sexual assault. Hurley said now was not the time for the university to consider a Greek system when "much of the current national attention has focused on the role of Greek life organizations within university communities," and that "some institutions are placing restrictions on the activities of these organizations or even disbanding them."

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Panel of anthropologists discuss student debt, other concerns about higher ed at annual meeting

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Anthropologists discuss student debt and other concerns about the "commodification" of higher education, and debate role of faculty members in reform efforts.

Wake Forest U. creates room for napping in campus library

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Wake Forest University encourages students to de-stress by taking quick naps in its library. It's one of many ways colleges are trying to reduce the anxiety felt by their students.

Kean U. defends purchase of $219,000 conference room table

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Kean U. issues a full argument on behalf of an expensive purchase. Are you convinced?


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