Obama Wants More 'Fluid' College Hoops

President Obama gave an interview to ESPN as part of the unveiling of his picks for the N.C.A.A. men's basketball tournament. In the interview he called for the N.C.A.A. to change the rules of the game by shortening the shot clock to 30 seconds from the current 35, as well as to move back the three-point line, which would allow perimeter players to drive inside more easily. The president said his preferred changes would make the college game more like that of the National Basketball Association (N.B.A.).

"The fact of the matter is I like how basketball is going in the N.B.A. because it's fluid," he said. "What [Spurs coach] Gregg Popovich did with San Antonio I think is being replicated now with Atlanta and Golden State, and you're seeing a lot of teams move in that direction. I'd like to see college basketball get back to that. It's a fast game -- let's get it down to 30 seconds at minimum."

Obama's bracket had the undefeated University of Kentucky team going all the way and beating Villanova University in the final. He picked the University of Arizona and Duke University to join those two teams in the Final Four.

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Sigma Alpha Epsilon announces new plan to 'combat' racism among its chapters

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In wake of racist video, SAE says it will hire a director of diversity and require diversity education, but some say its plan is inadequate.

A.D. Steps Down as Syracuse Prepares N.C.A.A. Appeal

Syracuse University's head basketball coach, Jim Boeheim, will retire in three seasons, its athletics director has resigned and the university will appeal some of the sanctions imposed by the National Collegiate Athletic Association earlier this month. The three announcements were all included in an e-mail sent by Kent Syverud, Syracuse's chancellor, to students and faculty members on Wednesday. Syverud said the university remains "disturbed by the severity of certain penalties" imposed by the N.C.A.A. over allegations that the university and its basketball coach did not properly monitor the program, leading to academic fraud, improper payment to athletes by a booster and failure to follow its own drug testing policies.

The university will appeal the vacating of certain wins for the men's basketball team (the N.C.A.A. would like to vacate more than 100 of them) and the reduction in men's basketball scholarships. "The decision to appeal is not taken lightly," Syverud stated. "However, based on the facts and a review of previous N.C.A.A. infractions decisions, the university believes the impact of these specific penalties is excessive and disproportionate. The university also will support Coach Boeheim should he choose to appeal penalties that affect him personally."

Boeheim has not announced yet whether he will appeal any penalties, but Syverud said Wednesday that Boeheim will retire in three seasons, bringing an end to his 40-year career as head coach. "His goal in making this decision and announcement now is to bring certainty to the team and program in the coming years and enable and plan for a successful, longer-term transition in coaching leadership," Syverud said.

Daryl Gross, who has been the university's athletics director for a decade and helped lead Syracuse's transition from the Big East Conference to the Atlantic Coast Conference, resigned from his position on Wednesday. He will remain with the university as Syverud's vice president and assistant and as an adjunct professor of sport and human dynamics. "Our vision was to graduate student-athletes and provide them with the tools with which they can make a positive impact on society, and I feel that goal was accomplished," Gross said in a statement.

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Q&A with authors of new book on UNC 'paper classes'

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Authors of new book about academic fraud at UNC argue that big-time college athletes are being cheated out of an education.

Fraternity Suspended for Photos of Unconscious Women

Pennsylvania State University suspended its chapter of Kappa Delta Rho for a year Tuesday over allegations that the fraternity's members posted nude photographs of sleeping or passed-out women on a private Facebook page. According to a police warrant obtained by The Associated Press, a former member told police about the page, which featured photos and comments regarding "unsuspecting victims, drug sales and hazing." The page, originally called "Covert Business Transactions," had 144 active members, including both current students and alumni of the fraternity. The university is investigating which students posted the photos, a spokesman said, as are State College police. Kappa Delta Rho's national headquarters also suspended the chapter.

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New presidents or provosts: Albany CSULA Maryland Midland Trinity UIC UWM

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  • Michael D. Amiridis, executive vice president for academic affairs and provost at the University of South Carolina at Columbia, has been appointed as chancellor of the University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • Danny J. Anderson, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Kansas, has been named president of Trinity University, in Texas.

More Scrutiny of Decision to Close Sweet Briar

Sweet Briar College alumnae and students, joined by faculty members, are speaking out with new concerns about the board's decision to close the institution. One new issue is that the board voted, days before its decision to shut down the college, to amend its bylaws so it could take actions with a smaller number of trustees than has been required. Sweet Briar's bylaws have required the board to have at least 24 members. A spokeswoman for the college confirmed that the board recently amended that measure and has only 23 members. The Sweet Briar faculty, with some citing the bylaw change, voted Monday night to oppose closure and to request more meetings with the board, The Roanoke Times reported. A college spokeswoman said that more discussions with the faculty would take place.



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3 Morgan State U. Football Players Stabbed

Three Morgan State University football players were stabbed outside a campus cafeteria Tuesday, including one who was seriously injured by wounds to the chest. None of the injuries are believed to be life threatening, and a suspect is in custody, a university spokesman told The Baltimore Sun. The spokesman also said that the stabbing may be related to fights that broke out during a campus dance over the weekend. The incident was the second stabbing at Morgan State in a week. On Friday, a student stabbed his roommate with a pair of scissors during an argument about how messy their dorm room was.

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Fraternity Disbanded After Trashing Ski Resort

The national office of Sigma Alpha Mu permanently disbanded its University of Michigan chapter Tuesday after its members destroyed more than 40 rooms at a ski resort in January and nobody stepped forward to accept the blame. "The fraternity's board regrets having to take this action," Sigma Alpha Mu said in a statement. "The action was necessary as a result of: a) the lack of cooperation by those responsible for the damage in not coming forward, b) the chapter officers' refusal to identify the members who damaged the hotel property, c) the lack of action to stop the vandalism by bystanders." The damages could cost the ski resort $430,000 to repair, Detroit Free Press reported.

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Community College Transfer Network Expands

The American Honors Network, a transfer consortium that links community colleges with four-year institutions, has expanded to include more than 50 partner colleges. The for-profit company creates a pathway for students to enroll in a rigorous honors program at host community colleges in five states, where they receive additional academic support, such as advising. The network's four-year colleges have agreed to recruit and enroll those students after they complete the first two years in the program. The group's four-year members include public and private institutions, many of which are selective. New additions include Duke University, Smith College and Purdue University.


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