Trinity College in Connecticut puts Johnny Eric Williams on leave over controversial comments about race

Trinity College in Connecticut places Johnny Eric Williams on leave over controversial comments about race. Faculty groups say college is undermining academic freedom.

Professors are often political lightning rods but now are facing new threats over their views, particularly on race

Professors are often lightning rods, but many see a new menace to academic freedom in recent physical threats against faculty members who speak out on race and other issues.

Wesleyan College in Georgia apologizes for decades in which institution embraced Ku Klux Klan culture


On same day Atlanta newspaper exposes decades KKK influence on the culture and activities of Wesleyan College, the women's institution publicly apologizes and acknowledges its past for first time.

Survey of parent postdocs reveals lack of access to paid parental leave, pressures to return to work


First-ever national survey of postdocs who are parents reveals a lack of access to paid parental leave, pressures to return to work early and extra stressors for parents of color.

Cosby trial calls into question trustee ethics

Bill Cosby’s lawyers argued in his recent sexual assault case that he had a consensual relationship with a Temple University employee while he was a trustee -- but experts say that still crosses a line.

College presidents diversifying slowly and growing older, study finds

Colleges and universities turn to experienced presidents in times of pressure, curtailing gains in diversity, study finds.

AAUP discussion centers on the many benefits of embracing students as both 'learners and teachers'

Despite recent criticism of student reviews of faculty members, there is a system that’s working, AAUP conference is told.

White House apprenticeship push will include funding and focus on alternative providers

Trump administration’s apprenticeship push will include call for up to $200 million in new funding, a less balky federal registration process and more participation by noncollege education providers.

Colorado-Boulder chancellor suspended for failing to report alleged domestic violence by assistant coach

Colorado chancellor suspended 10 days for not telling authorities of allegations of domestic violence by assistant coach. Athletics director, head coach ordered to each pay $100,000.

Report details major issues at University of Louisville Foundation

New report gives a blow-by-blow account of unbudgeted spending, unapproved action and endowment losses at University of Louisville's fund-raising arm.


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