Colleges try new approaches to post-tenure review

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One college is trying to make it collegial; others are trying to target low performers. Is there a way to make the process meaningful, fair and attractive to faculty?


Ban selfies? Most institutions say no

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Despite the uptick of institutions banning selfies at graduation, the state of the selfie in higher education is strong.

Colleges confront an increase in use of heroin by students

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Facing overdoses and regional scourges, campuses start to see that substance abuse problems don’t just revolve around alcohol and marijuana.


Private colleges go west for students, don't find them yet

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Five private colleges go to Arizona seeking students. So far, most are disappointed. 

Pitzer's approach to divestment: as much as possible, but not yet all

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Pitzer's decision to divest some -- but not yet all -- of its fossil fuel holdings challenges assumptions about colleges' obligation to grow their endowment funds.

Complaint says OCR failed to investigate Title IX sports violations

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Complaint charges that Education Department is looking the other way on report of mass violation of the rights of female college athletes.

Colleges consider why students are getting killed falling from buildings

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A series of deaths and injuries in which students fell from buildings has some colleges rethinking policies.


Armed with federal data, Maryland goes after out-of-state distance education providers

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Maryland fires off letters to large and small distance education providers alike in an attempt to find out who's teaching students in the state. Is this quality control or protectionism?

A Vermont liberal arts college is expecting things will get bad

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While dozens of liberal arts colleges are banking on plans to grow, a Vermont institution doesn't think that's realistic, and has developed a path to preserve itself by getting smaller.


Faculty salaries are up 2.2% but report sees many financial issues facing professors

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Faculty salaries outpace inflation, according to a new AAUP report, which notes many lingering economic challenges. Plus lists of the institutions with the highest salaries.


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