Harvard Tax Mistake Is Expensive for Its Employees

Incorrect tax reporting by Harvard University -- suggesting that employees earned millions more than they really did -- has cost those employees considerable sums in overpaid taxes, The Boston Globe reported. Harvard acknowledged the errors on Friday and said that it would either reimburse employees or help them file amended tax returns to receive refunds. But the university acted only after two law professors circulated a letter saying that earlier communication from Harvard has been "misleading as to both the scope of the problem and the university’s responsibility to make some 11,000 employees whole for a monumental mistake by the central administration."


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Loyola New Orleans Eliminates 30 Jobs

Loyola University New Orleans on Friday laid off 18 non-faculty employees as part of a plan to deal with a deficit caused by much lower than expected freshman enrollment in the fall, The Times-Picayune reported. In addition, the university announced that the contracts of 12 non-tenured faculty members would not be renewed.


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Chancellor Ousted at Southern U. at Baton Rouge

The board of the Southern University System has voted, 9 to 6, not to renew the contract of James Llorens as chancellor of the Baton Rouge campus, The Baton Rouge Advocate reported. Llorens will leave office at the end of June, following a three-year tenure. Ronald Mason, the president of the system, had urged the board to renew Llorens' contract for one year, on the condition that he agree to a plan to make “necessary financial and organizational changes.” But Llorens rejected that idea, saying it would strip him of the authority needed to do his job effectively.


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Legislators Want to Merge Two Charleston Institutions

Legislative leaders in South Carolina have proposed and are backing a bill to merge the College of Charleston with the Medical University of South Carolina, with the idea of creating a new research university for the state, The Post and Courier reported. But some at the two institutions have raised questions about the wisdom of the idea, noting that the college -- a public liberal arts institution -- and the medical university both have strong reputations, but have little in common except being located in the same city.


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Bob Jones U. Fires Firm Hired to Investigate Abuse

A year ago, Bob Jones University hired GRACE (Godly Response to Abuse in the Christian Environment), a Virginia firm, to investigate whether the university had properly handled any abuse allegations it received over the years. With GRACE wrapping up its investigation and preparing to write its report, the university fired the firm, The Greenville News reported. A university statement said that "we grew concerned about how GRACE was pursuing our objectives.” A statement from GRACE said that organization was taken by surprise and was concerned about the impact of its firing on those who came forward during the investigation. “We grieve with those whose hopes will be crushed should this independent process remain incomplete," said the GRACE statement.


Former president takes heat for dire financial straits at Sofia University

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The founder of a psychology university in California is blaming the president who had him fired for wrecking the institution.

Faculty win fight to preserve Berkeley libraries

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When library services were at risk due to budget cuts, faculty at the U. of California at Berkeley found the money to save them.

Carleton offers retiring professors opportunity to teach 'dream course'

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At one small liberal arts college, retiring professors get one last chance to teach that course they've always wanted to.

New Round of Layoffs Planned at Elizabeth City State

The president of Elizabeth City State University is planning an additional 65 layoffs, up to 30 of which would come from faculty positions, to deal with financial shortfalls, the Associated Press reported. The positions of four deans would also be eliminated. The actions would follow 46 layoffs last fall.

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Virginia Intermont Will Merge With Webber International

Virginia Intermont College and Webber International University on Friday announced plans to merge. Virginia Intermont, a liberal arts college, has been struggling with enrollment. Webber, located in Florida, has focused on business education and online programs.


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