Ex-President Charged With Disorderly Conduct

Timothy Flanagan, who resigned Saturday as president of Illinois State University, has been charged with disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor, The Chicago Tribune reported. The resignation, after less than a year in office, came amid an investigation of an altercation with a grounds-keeper. Flanagan has denied doing anything wrong.


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Rutgers Board Won't Hear Dissent on Condoleezza Rice

Many faculty members at Rutgers University at New Brunswick are upset that the university's board approved a plan to invite Condoleezza Rice, secretary of state in the administration of President George W. Bush, to be commencement speaker. Now faculty leaders are upset for a related reason: They asked for time at the next meeting of the Board of Governors to explain their opposition to Rice, and they were turned down. University officials say that they could have expressed their views at the meeting where Rice's selection was approved, but that they can't speak now. A university spokesman confirmed the decision via email, explaining it this way: "The bylaws of the Rutgers University Board of Governors set forth a process for speaking at meetings. Speakers are welcome to address any action items that are listed on the BOG agenda. The selection of Condoleezza Rice was on a previous (Feb. 4, 2014) agenda and approved by the Board of Governors."

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Controversial Choice at College of Charleston

The board of the College of Charleston on Saturday named Glenn McConnell, a career politician currently serving as lieutenant governor, as the college's next president. The choice is a controversial one. Many faculty and students have questioned McConnell's lack of a background working in academe. In his legislative career, he was a strong supporter of flying the Confederate flag on state grounds, and photos of him posing as a Confederate general in war re-enactments (with one photo in particular showing him with people playing the part of black slaves) have offended many black people in the state. The NAACP in the state urged that the board pick someone other than McConnell. He has pledged to build legislative support for the college and, in particular, its economic development role. But many at the college fear that at a time that some legislators want to turn the college into a research university, McConnell will not defend its current mission. The college has a strong reputation as a liberal arts institution.


Illinois State president resigns amid investigation

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President -- facing investigation over alleged altercation with an employee -- quits after seven months.

New presidents provosts Catawba Champlain CUNY Dartmouth FAMU South Central UW

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  • J. Michael Bitzer, acting provost at Catawba College, in North Carolina, has been appointed to the job on a permanent basis.

President Quits at U. of Houston-Victoria

Philip Castille quit his job as president of the University of Houston at Victoria on Tuesday, after three years in office, The Texas Tribune reported. The Faculty Senate voted no confidence in Castille on Friday. In addition, many at the campus feared a plan by the main campus of the Houston system to start using a branch campus that has been a major source of revenue for the Victoria campus.


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Sudden Resignation at Friends U.

T.J. Arant resigned Tuesday as president of Friends University, in Kansas, The Wichita Eagle reported. Arant has been president since 2011. Arant was not available for comment. John Lewis, the board chair, said: “We held different visions about what we wanted to achieve in the next two decades. It is important that we achieve agreement about that, and that we were not going to be able to do that. So we decided mutually that the best course is to part company.”


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A new executive training program for would-be innovators in higher ed

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Arizona State University and Georgetown University create an institute to train higher ed innovators.

Who would win the NCAA women's basketball tournament if academics ruled?

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Who would win the NCAA women's basketball tournament if the games were decided by the teams' classroom performance? Inside Higher Ed has the answer.


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