Ithaca College president in the spotlight years after court case

Ithaca College president's 2001 no-contest plea receives new scrutiny, even though she says she entered it under extreme circumstances and has been up front about her past.

Study: College students don't have confidence they'll land a job

A new study says students don't feel confident they can find a job or succeed when they land one. 

Investor's $75M gift to Hopkins philosophy department shows breadth and potential of fund-raising

Successful investor Bill Miller gives $75 million to philosophy at Johns Hopkins University, a move raising hopes for fund-raising for the humanities.

College presidents building relationships with campus conservatives

A few college presidents say that developing relationships with conservative students is an important part of a strategy for a collegial campus.

Utah Valley University thrives by being both community college and university

While policy makers push vocational education as an alternative to the bachelor’s degree, Utah Valley University does both as a dual-role community college and university that enrolls 37,000 students.

Former Obama administration officials are being named college presidents

A significant number of former Obama administration officials have become college presidents, and many are women -- revealing truths about hiring nontraditional presidents.

Independent investigation into sexual harassment at Rochester provides little closure


President resigns; report says accused professor was unprofessional and inappropriate but didn't break the law or university rules; many students and faculty members remain angry. Accused professor responds.

Research examines changes over 45 years at small private colleges

Developments since 1967 at small, private, nonelite colleges are the subject of new research, providing rarely seen insight into changes over time in one of the most worried-about sectors in higher ed.

After hazing death, fraternity banned from Pennsylvania for 10 years

Pi Delta Psi can't operate in Pennsylvania for a decade after a hazing death, a stringent, unheard-of punishment likely to make waves in the Greek world.

Historians urge departments to enthusiastically and substantively prepare grad students for a range of careers

Historians urge departments to give their graduate students the confidence, skills and support to succeed in whatever career paths they choose. That means going out of their way to avoid implying that nonfaculty jobs are somehow “less than.”


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