Midwestern State's handling of sexual assault cases under fire

The university has since partially removed his duties related to Title IX cases at Midwestern State, but many students remain furious about the comments and the university's handling of sexual assault.

President Trump holds forth on community colleges, campus politics

President Trump, in forum on issues facing young people, extols vocational training and repeats comments that many educators said reflected ignorance of the two-year sector. He also says he is more popular on college campuses than most realize.

Interview with Hanna Holborn Gray on her memoir

Hanna Holborn Gray, who led Yale and the University of Chicago in eras of overt sexism, discusses her new memoir -- and her advice for a new generation of women rising through the ranks.

Unusual donor agreement at UNLV raises questions about fund-raising and governance

UNLV president signed a gift agreement that said a $14 million pledge was valid only if he was in the job. He's leaving, and the pledge has evaporated. Agreement raises questions on governance and fund-raising ethics.

Penn says Amy Wax will no longer teach required first-year law courses after more comments about race come to light


Penn says Amy Wax will no longer teach required first-year courses after another widely criticized set of comments about race -- this time about black law students at the university -- comes to light.

College students join gun-reform walkout nationwide

College students around the country protested one month after the deadly Florida school shooting.

Experts offer advice on convincing faculty members to teach online -- or accepting they won't

Some instructors refuse to teach online. Experts weigh in on whether that's OK and how institutions might respond.

Ashford University is the latest big for-profit seeking to become a nonprofit

Ashford University is the latest big for-profit bidding to become nonprofit. The university's owner, Bridgepoint Education, will seek to become an online program management company.

Pressure mounts on colleges' ties to the firearms industry

St. Thomas in Florida forces out CFO who was on gun company's board as renewed focus on firearm investments has colleges quietly checking their portfolios.

Signaling confidence in liberal arts education, DePauw commits to 100% employment for graduates

Trying to counter public perception that the liberal arts aren’t worth it, DePauw promises all graduates will have a job or other preferred outcome within six months.


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