AAUP discussion centers on the many benefits of embracing students as both 'learners and teachers'

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Despite recent criticism of student reviews of faculty members, there is a system that’s working, AAUP conference is told.

White House apprenticeship push will include funding and focus on alternative providers

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Trump administration’s apprenticeship push will include call for up to $200 million in new funding, a less balky federal registration process and more participation by noncollege education providers.

Colorado-Boulder chancellor suspended for failing to report alleged domestic violence by assistant coach

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Colorado chancellor suspended 10 days for not telling authorities of allegations of domestic violence by assistant coach. Athletics director, head coach ordered to each pay $100,000.

Report details major issues at University of Louisville Foundation

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New report gives a blow-by-blow account of unbudgeted spending, unapproved action and endowment losses at University of Louisville's fund-raising arm.

Liberty University president won't be leading task force on higher ed regulation after all

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Liberty University president, a major Trump ally, won’t be leading review of regulation, although he says he will be part of another administration group with other college presidents.

Study of faculty members with mental health issues finds mix of attitudes on disclosing and seeking assistance

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New study of faculty members with mental health issues finds they disclose conditions selectively to trusted colleagues but are less trusting of and have worse reactions from staff members whose job it is to help them.

University of Wisconsin Naming Partnership approaches halfway point

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As deal to keep Wisconsin Business School name intact approaches its halfway mark, donors consider what it means -- and the changing nature of honoring donors.

Spate of presidents fired early in tenures with few reasons why

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Recent spate of college president departures shows evolving nature of board-president relations.

Federal appeals court revives professor's case against Texas Tech over his anti-tenure views

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Federal appeals court revives professor’s case against Texas Tech, which he says retaliated against him over his anti-tenure views.

Advocates warn cuts to Office for Civil Rights would further slow resolution of Title IX cases

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Trump wants to cut staffing at OCR, already facing a backlog of Title IX and other complaints, by 7 percent.


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