Some Stanford professors oppose closed event on free speech

Stanford professors want the university to distance itself from a closed conference on academic freedom, saying it’s silencing debate and harboring racist thought.

One of the iconic red-roofed buildings at Stanford University.

Free speech concerns prompt calls to shun Yale Law grads

Lingering free speech concerns from past events at Yale Law School prompt a conservative judge to call for his colleagues to avoid hiring graduates as clerks.

A blue banner with the word "Law" on it hangs on a light post.

Number of Ph.D.s conferred dropped 5.4% in 2021


Preliminary data from the NSF indicate that COVID-19 hit Ph.D. production hard in 2021, but job-placement data are surprisingly rosy—just not in academe.

Table 1.1: Research doctorate recipients from U.S. colleges and universities, 1958-2021

UC San Diego suspends instructor for racist comments


A chemistry instructor at the University of California, San Diego, interrupted class last week to malign “Mexican” campus workers. He’s now suspended for the term, but this hasn’t satisfied everyone—if anyone.

A screenshot of Robert Ternansky, a white man wearing a black face mask, in front of a blackboard.

Two colleges flounder under opaque for-profit owners

Ambow Education purchased Bay State College in 2017 and the NewSchool of Architecture & Design in 2020. Now critics say both institutions are in shambles.

An illustration of Benjamin Franklin's portrait from the $100 bill, with a downward-sloping line superimposed over it.

A fight over how UVA selects its faculty board rep


A proposed bylaw change as to how UVA selects faculty board reps reveals lingering mistrust between campus constituencies.

A bird's-eye view of the University of Virginia's white-domed Rotunda building.

GOP lawmakers would likely focus on debt-relief oversight

House Republicans are not likely to cut a deal with Biden administration on federal higher ed issues if they win control in midterms.

Kevin McCarthy, a white man with gray hair, stands at a lectern surrounded by other members of the House Republican caucus.

Michigan State president out after battle with trustees

The Michigan State Board of Trustees has been trying to push the university president out since September. After initially holding on, Dr. Samuel Stanley Jr. is now stepping down.

Dr. Samuel L. Stanley Jr., a middle-aged white man wearing a business suit and a tie in Spartan green.

More traditional-age students enroll at fully online universities

Tens of thousands of 18- to 24-year-olds are now enrolling at Western Governors, Southern New Hampshire and other national online institutions. Does this represent a change in student behavior?

A student wearing headphones sits at a laptop.

Professor's murder on campus raises urgent safety questions


A professor’s murder at the University of Arizona, apparently by a former student, raises urgent concerns about campus safety. He wasn’t the first professor killed at work, either.

Thomas Meixner, a white man with gray hair wearing a University of Arizona–themed shirt.


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