Only 17 percent of recent graduates say career centers are 'very helpful'

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Today’s students are more likely to visit career centers than past graduates but less likely to rate those interactions as very helpful, a new Gallup-Purdue University study finds.

Reed College engages in soul-searching after posters and shouts insult director of 'Boys Don't Cry'

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Reed College engages in soul-searching over students’ shouting during lecture by director of Boys Don't Cry, arguing that the acclaimed film should have featured transgender actors.

University think tanks face tough road but continued interest

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University-affiliated research centers face a fight for funding and an assault on experts, but few think institutions will be able to resist future ventures.

Ohio is site of next showdown over campus carry

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Faculty groups urge governor to veto legislation that could effectively end gun bans. Recent incident at Ohio State complicates debate.

Middlebury meets aggressive carbon neutrality goal

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Middlebury meets a tight deadline for going carbon neutral in part by using credits from forest preservation.

Experts talk about the college completion push and what comes next

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The college completion agenda reaches an inflection point as the Obama administration ends and the nation increasingly focuses on jobs and college value. Experts assess shifts in the completion push and what comes next.

Over three decades pushing for sports reform, Knight Commission touts small but significant victories

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For nearly three decades, the Knight Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics has argued for reforming college sports. What impact has the panel had?

While some universities hit pause, many move ahead with implementation of overtime rule

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After last-minute injunction halted a federal overtime rule, many colleges and universities will go ahead with planned changes.

Faculty members at the University of Wisconsin oppose a proposed change to a new post-tenure review policy

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Wisconsin regents aren’t done changing the way faculty members are evaluated. This time, they are seeking to give administrators independent power over posttenure reviews -- a move faculty groups oppose.

Professor Watchlist receives challenge from new blog: Watch List Redux, where being named is intended as a badge of honor

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Professor Watchlist faces challenge from Watchlist Redux, where being named is intended as a badge of honor and where "radical" applies to Socrates, Jesus and Alan Turing, as well as those singled out today.


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