Colleges frustrated by lack of clarification on Title IX guidance

Colleges say the Department of Education's guidance on campus sexual assault is vague and inconsistent.

U of Houston Faculty Senate suggests changes to teaching under campus carry

Is teaching under campus carry still teaching? New guidelines from the Faculty Senate at U of Houston ask the question, with suggestions such as dropping controversial course content for safety concerns.

Major implications possible in CFPB’s legal battle with accreditor over for-profits

In a lawsuit that could chart new ground, the consumer bureau is battling in court for information about how an accreditor approved some of the most controversial for-profit colleges.

Purdue increasing graduate student stipends as it cuts graduate enrollment

Purdue is cutting grad enrollments to boost pay of those it enrolls -- and is pushing professors to teach more intro courses. Will the approach provide focus? Or is it another attack on English that could leave undergrads without enough instructors?

Williams College blocks a controversial speaker from appearing on campus

College says John Derbyshire's statements constitute hate speech, so student group is blocked from playing host to him on campus.

Student protests and university cancellations follow Milo Yiannopoulos speaking tour

Even the name of this man's speaking tour is inflammatory -- certainly a no-go during prime time -- and students are interrupting his appearances, accusing him of being sexist and promoting rape culture. Meet Milo Yiannopoulos.

The U of Phoenix looks to rise again with new advertising campaign

The beleaguered U of Phoenix fires back with new advertising campaign that challenges criticism of the for-profit institution.

Community college links increased student success to shorter terms but faculty members say there's more to the story

A college is seeing higher student success levels based on a series of reforms, but should any institution evaluate faculty members in part on the proportion of C grades and above they award?

Survey finds increased use of learning outcomes measures, but decline in standardized tests

Measures of student learning, beyond grades, are on the rise, according to results of a new survey. But colleges are less likely to use standardized tests for learning outcomes.

Congress returns to scrutiny of wealthy university endowments

Lawmakers are again raising questions about wealthy universities' endowments -- and tossing around ideas to crack down on them.


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