Maine Augusta to begin second presidential search in a year

The University of Maine at Augusta is relaunching a presidential search after the last one failed because system leaders withheld information about the candidate they selected.

Maine chancellor Dannel Malloy, a white man with glasses and dark hair.

Sasse answers questions, faces protesters during UF visit

Senator Ben Sasse, tapped to be the next president of the University of Florida, traveled to the campus to build trust and assuage concerns. The visit ended with protests and a forum cut short.

Student protesters chant inside a conference room. One holds a sign that says "Keep the State Out of Our Swamp."

Campus leaders accuse Michigan State board of overstepping


A Title IX compliance review casts new light on the effort to push out Michigan State’s president. But another battle—over allegations of an overstepping board—is also underway.

Autumn leaves at Michigan State University.

Oberlin's board seeks to limit faculty power


Professors say the changes violate a foundational college rule and stand to change Oberlin forever—not for the better.

A bird's-eye view of Oberlin College's campus.

Publisher reinstates blocked ebooks, but librarians unsatisfied

After scrambling fall courses by withdrawing more than 1,380 ebooks, Wiley now says it will restore access to the course materials. Its short-term solution leaves many librarians unsatisfied.

Close-up of a person's hand touching an e-ink digital screen.

Patty Limerick speaks out on her dismissal from her center


Patty Limerick speaks out on her abrupt firing from the Center of the American West, which she co-founded in 1986. CU Boulder found she mixed the personal and professional; she says what was once her strength suddenly became a liability.

Patty Limerick, a white woman with long dark hair.

Study finds intro STEM courses push out URM students

New paper suggests introductory STEM courses disproportionately push underrepresented minority students out of the natural and applied sciences.

Screenshot of tweet by Chad Topaz that says, "Paper out in PNAS Nexus! We put a nail in the coffin of the claim that racially minoritized students obtain STEM degrees at lower rates than white students because the former are underprepared. Please share"

Pepperdine law dean talks openly about his stutter


Pepperdine law school dean is now speaking openly about his lifelong stutter.

Pepperdine law dean Paul Caron, a white man with gray hair wearing black-rimmed glasses.

Hurricane Ian leaves Florida campuses flooded and damaged

After the historic hurricane, institutions in the Sunshine State take stock of the damage on campuses while students deal with record flooding and power outages.


Pioneers discuss the challenges facing computer science

As recipients of the world’s most prestigious computer science awards gather this month in Germany, they share concerns about teaching, ed-tech tools, and improving-but-still-low participation rates by women.

Alexei Efros, a white man with his glasses pushed up on his forehead, is hunched over a laptop computer.


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