Did Baylor U's new provost step down over controversy surrounding a diversity program?

Did Baylor U's new provost step down over faculty objections to his diversity initiative, in particular his plan to hire a chief diversity officer? Does diversity look different at a Christian university?

Mount St. Mary's board blames faculty for furor over president's metaphor and plans

Mount St. Mary's board defends president and blames small faculty group for controversy over his "inappropriate metaphor" and plans for freshmen. Emails obtained by Inside Higher Ed back original reports about president's goals.

Oberlin's president refuses to negotiate with student list of demands


Faced with 14 pages of demands by black students, he says that he won't respond to "any document that explicitly rejects the notion of collaborative engagement."

Furor at Mount St. Mary's over president's alleged plan to cull students

President's plan to weed out some students soon after they arrive -- and his alleged metaphor for the plan -- set off furor at Mount St. Mary's U.

University of Oregon drops multimillion-dollar branding campaign

The University of Oregon is scaling back a multimillion-dollar branding campaign, much to the delight of faculty members.

White House plan to restore year-round Pell Grants and create a new bonus

The Obama administration wants to bring back year-round Pell Grants and create a $300 bonus for Pell recipients who take at least 15 credits per semester.

Athletes express frustration at lack of 'significant legislation' at NCAA meeting

At NCAA meeting, top conferences frustrate athletes by tabling proposals about time demands, but pass legislation granting full authority to team physicians and trainers in decisions involving injured players.

Does the new crop of first adjunct union contracts include meaningful gains?


Northeastern is latest university where first contract with adjunct union has included substantial salary increases and other key benefits -- such as payments for classes that colleges cancel.

Education Department's inspector general's high-stakes audit of Western Governors U

The Education Department's inspector general is auditing Western Governors U over the faculty role in its competency-based programs. The high-stakes audit is relevant to other colleges and forms of online learning.

Can statements of faith be compatible with academic freedom?

Wheaton of Illinois is seeking to fire a professor for violating its statement of faith. Conflict draws attention to such statements, and renews debate on whether they are compatible with academic freedom.


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