Faculty members protest tenure, shared governance changes to Board of Regents

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Faculty members say the university system's Board of Regents missed an opportunity to ask that the legislature abandon controversial changes to tenure and shared governance.

U of Alabama at Birmingham learns how difficult it is to sack college football

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U of Alabama at Birmingham's flip-flop on ending football illustrates how difficult it is to shut down a program, even a money-losing one with a so-so record.


Colleges of arts and sciences struggle with deficits as enrollment declines

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At large universities, the colleges that provide general education and key majors are facing enrollment declines and budget cuts. Are the trends due to shifting interests of students or shifting priorities of administrators?

Improving economy brings opportunities for corporate partnerships to higher education

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Confidence and competition are leading more companies to offer their employees tuition assistance benefits. Can higher education capitalize on the opportunity to increase enrollments?

Wisconsin faculty incensed by motion to eliminate tenure from state statute

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Faculty members at the University of Wisconsin System are incensed at a legislative move to eliminate tenure from state statute.

Invasive training procedures not the norm in health education

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After one college faced criticism over transvaginal probing, officials at other health education programs say invasive procedures aren't typically performed on students, but are left to models and professionals.

Language in sexual assault surveys criticized by students as triggering

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Some colleges conducting climate surveys are criticized by sexual assault victims and advocates for the explicit questions. But researchers say such language is key.

Federal Trade Commission charges Ashworth College with deceptive marketing

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Federal Trade Commission is latest agency to pursue for-profits, announcing that online Ashworth College has settled over allegations of misrepresenting transfer credits and state licensure prerequisites to students.

Rulings mixed in recent lawsuits over police records at private colleges

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Ohio Supreme Court rules that sworn police departments at private colleges are subject to open-records laws. A judge in Indiana disagrees.

What kind of resources do colleges provide to students with complaints?

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Fed up with slow administration responses, students have taken complaints to the press and social media -- to the frustration of their institutions. What other options do students have before they go public?


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