Federal judge: NCAA violates antitrust law

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Federal judge finds that ban on sharing revenue with football and basketball players violates the law.

NCAA adopts structure giving autonomy to richest Division I leagues, votes to college athletes

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The members of the five high-revenue conferences make up 18 percent of all Division I colleges, but a new NCAA governance structure gives them nearly 40 percent of the voting power.

One liberal arts college loses money after its state adopts a performance funding model

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It's one liberal arts college's first encounter with a performance funding model, and so far it isn't faring so well.


Adjunct faculty conference discussion focuses on right to strike

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At gathering of adjunct leaders, they are urged to strike for better pay and job security – regardless of whether the law permits them to do so.

Growing 'stratification' of NCAA conferences concerns less wealthy Division I colleges

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With NCAA set to adopt new governance system designed to let wealthiest conferences give more benefits to athletes, critics fear growing gap between haves and have-nots.

Forum considers ideas for flexibility in faculty jobs

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Among ideas discussed at conference: Free cleaning service or catering help in return for service work and use of paid sick days to care for aging parents.

Oak Ridge calls off Southern accent 'reduction' class

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Amid criticism from employees, Oak Ridge National Laboratory calls off voluntary Southern accent "reduction" class.

U.S. senators announce campus sexual assault legislation

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Bipartisan Senate bill would stiffen penalties on colleges and require campus climate surveys. College lobbyists are skeptical of much of the legislation.

NCAA settlement includes $70 million for concussion testing

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NCAA agrees to create $70 million fund to diagnose concussions and related ailments, but lawsuit settlement won't provide any money for those who need care.

Are college marching bands hotbeds of hazing?

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Dismissal of marching band director at Ohio State reflects an unwillingness to tolerate behavior that once would have been written off as tradition.


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