Employees at Pennsylvania colleges subject to new background check

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College employees in Pennsylvania who work with minors will have to pass regularly scheduled background checks under state's new child protection laws.

A Long Island private college hopes to make it past next fall

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Dowling College's seventh president of the last 10 years hopes to be the one who can save it.

Colleges consider how flexible to be with students protesting killings of unarmed black men

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Oberlin refuses demand to bar F grades while protests continue over police shootings. How flexible should colleges be for students feeling vulnerable over current events? How flexible should students be about protests in the library during finals?

U. of Georgia swimming coach suspended after encouraging professor to enroll student in concluded course

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A professor is caught in the middle of an athletics scandal after he is encouraged by a swimming coach to admit a student into an independent study course as a last-ditch effort to maintain eligibility.

Presidents face scrutiny for involvement in events linked to police killings of black men

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Some campus leaders take visible public stands over police killings of unarmed black men. Not everyone likes this type of activism by presidents -- even as others say they long for it.

Critics, advocates doubt oft-cited campus sexual assault statistic

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It's been used to galvanize a growing movement against campus sexual assault, but critics say an often-cited statistic about the prevalence of campus sexual assault is not very reliable.

'Interactive Learning Spaces' at the center of Ball State U.'s faculty development program

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Can active learning techniques and flexible classroom seating improve student outcomes? Research at Ball State University has produced mixed results.

At Cornell's medical college, father passes board chair position to daughter

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At Cornell University's medical college, the daughter of a wealthy donor is replacing her father as leader of its board.

Congressional deal on spending would modestly boost student aid and research, restore 'ability-to-benefit' program

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Compromise would modestly fund student aid programs and scientific research. It would also restore the “ability to benefit” program. 

Senate hearing explores law enforcement's role in campus sexual assault

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Senate hearing considers whether law enforcement role has been missing in the debates over sexual assaults on campus.


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