Should expulsion be the default discipline policy for students accused of sexual assault?

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Colleges facing criticism over their handling of sexual assault allegations debate whether the best policy is to automatically kick out those found guilty.

New analysis challenges the narrative of decline about liberal arts colleges

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New analysis suggests that the institutions aren't disappearing -- and may be growing if one counts honors colleges at public universities. 


Eastern Mennonite U. opts not to lift ban on hiring gay faculty

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Pressure grows at Mennonite institutions to end ban on hiring non-straight professors. Eastern Mennonite U., which many hoped was about to shift, declines to do so. But it leaves in place suspension of policy.


Contract reveals Arizona State U.-Starbucks partnership details

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Arizona State University's accord with the coffee giant reveals the university is banking on the partnership being a success.

Report calls for tougher federal standards for four-year colleges

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An advocacy group's proposal for institutional accountability puts both for-profit colleges and elite research universities in the crosshairs. 

Charitable giving to higher education restored to pre-recession levels, report indicates

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Private giving to colleges and universities is back at pre-recession levels -- but with fewer people donating larger sums.

Female provost is accused of repeatedly touching her male colleagues

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Former provost of Montana State-Northern is accused of touching male employees inappropriately, and dean who filed complaint says he faced retaliation.

Author discusses book proposing a new approach to affirmative action

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Author discusses a new approach to affirmative action in admissions that she says could help the disadvantaged without some of the legal and political issues that challenge current approaches.

UNCF receives $25m from Koch brothers, prompting praise and anger

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Koch brothers make major gift to the UNCF, primarily for scholarships -- and some wonder why black college group accepted the money and will give Koch some say in how recipients are selected.

California lawmakers would require students to get a 'yes' before sex

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A bill that passed the California Senate would require college students to get a "yes" before sex.


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