University of Missouri looks ahead as it tries to combat race issues on campus


After week of racial turmoil and administrative disruption, U of Missouri begins long journey of working with student activists as it permanently replaces its two top leaders.

U of Kansas chancellor hosts listening session on race but students want more than another conversation

Leaders of U of Kansas, trying to avoid becoming the next U of Missouri, hold intense, lengthy meeting with hundreds of minority students. Can the university deliver what they want?

Protests over campus race relations spread to more campuses


At Ithaca, demanding a president's resignation; at Vanderbilt, seeking a professor's ouster; online, sharing what it means to be #BlackOnCampus.

U of Missouri leaders resign amid student concerns over racism and diversity

Amid escalating tensions, students protesting what they see as a culture of racism at the University of Missouri successfully oust the system's president and the flagship's chancellor.

A university president's unique approach to curbing student drinking

Iowa State's leader, trying to curb dangerous drinking and related behavior, goes where the students are.

Football and faith: the temptation of Baylor

Baylor University has one of the top football teams in the country. It's also the world's largest Baptist university. Can the two identities coexist without serious compromise?

Racial tensions escalate at U of Missouri and Yale


At Missouri, football players will boycott games and hunger striker vows to fast until system president quits; at Yale, protests grow over letter questioning focus on offensive Halloween costumes.

U of Texas will require finalists for administrator positions to include women and minorities


U of Texas System will mandate that searches for all administrator positions -- from deans on up -- include a female or minority candidate in the final interview round.

General education gets a makeover at Utah university, combining full year in one course

Southern Utah University goes all in with an experiment on general education, combining 13 courses into one year of material that eight professors jointly teach.

More students punished over sexual assault are winning lawsuits against colleges

Students suspended or expelled over allegations of sexual assault rarely succeed in lawsuits against the institutions that punished them. That's starting to change.


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