Yale professors object to 'vague' new faculty conduct policy

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Yale professors oppose draft policy on their conduct that they say is vague on what they could be punished for and what the sanctions would be -- not to mention that it excludes administrators.

Colleges with debt troubles are making new promises to investors

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Colleges with distressed debt are making new promises to delay financial ramifications from investors.

New Delphi Project report outlines evolving faculty models and growing support for reform

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Report seeks a broad rethinking of the structure of professors' jobs, with a strong emphasis on academic freedom and equitable treatment, but an openness to radical change.

Open letter calls for legislators to reconsider campus sexual assault bills

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Student affairs and anticrime groups warn that state legislation designed to prevent sexual assaults on campus is being poorly drafted and could hurt the efforts lawmakers want to encourage.

Athletes take easier courses to fit in with teammates, study asserts

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College athletes say they care about doing well academically, but they study less and take easier courses to try to align with stereotypes, researchers say in a new paper.

New faculty model at U. Denver could be prototype for reform

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U. of Denver moves to new titles, a career path and multiyear contracts for those off the tenure track. Could this be a model for other institutions?

Gov. Scott Walker mixes it up on higher education, generating national headlines

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Higher education will be a hot topic if Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin runs for president, with budget cuts, university mission statements and a candidate's degree completion to debate.

Several students commit suicide at Tulane, Appalachian State

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Two campuses that have been praised for their mental health services struggle to respond to multiple student suicides in the same academic year.

President, under scrutiny from accreditor, has to return to school

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San Bernardino Valley College's accreditor said the college's new president doesn't have the necessary education to be president.

Legislators seek 2-year closure for South Carolina State U.

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Legislative panel seeks to close South Carolina State U. for two years. Supporters of the historically black college vow to oppose plan they fear would effectively kill the institution.


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