U of Arizona professors say they're blackballed from service

Faculty members at the University of Arizona say they’ve been blocked from service on a key committee because they’ve criticized the institution in the past. What’s going on?

Matthew Abraham, a light-brown-skinned man with dark hair; Keith Maggert, a white man with long dark hair and a beard; and Wei Hua Lin, an Asian man wearing glasses.

Public's growing concern about higher ed's value: Key podcast

Americans aren’t questioning the importance of higher education, but they’re concerned it is unaffordable and unavailable for too many people. Experts dig into the data.

Sophie Nguyen, an Asian woman with dark hair, David Schleifer, a white man with glasses, and Rebecca Quadlin, a white woman with sandy brown hair.

University tells professors to stay 'neutral' on abortion

Citing new and existing state laws, University of Idaho tells employees what they can (and mostly can’t) say and do regarding abortion. The institution says it may also cease to provide birth control.

Illustration of a female figure with a speech bubble coming from her mouth. There are hands holding pairs of scissors that are cutting into the speech bubble.

New study finds 80% of faculty trained at 20% of institutions


Prior research demonstrates insular faculty hiring practices within certain disciplines. A new study finds them across fields. What does that mean for knowledge production?

Illustration of the concept of a network, with figures standing inside circles connected by a web of lines.

Florida chancellor search yielded only eight applicants

Only eight applicants applied to lead the State University System of Florida, a job that went to Ray Rodrigues, a Florida state senator and ally of Republican governor Ron DeSantis.

Ray Rodrigues, a light-skinned man with receding dark hair wearing a business suit.

How the Ivy League's Jewish quotas shaped higher education

The creator of a new podcast discusses the barriers the Ivy League erected to limit the number of Jewish students in the 1920s, and how the quota system has evolved since.

Activists against affirmative action hold up signs that say "Support SFFA, Fair Admissions for All."

Why Emporia State axed 33 employees

Emporia State cut tenured faculty as part of a controversial workforce-management policy. Officials promise a reinvestment of resources, but critics distrust leadership and fear the worst.

Emporia State president Ken Hush, a white man with gray hair and glasses wearing a business suit in front of an Emporia State backdrop.

Scholars targeted by China Initiative seek accountability

Their lives upended, two scholars targeted by the DOJ’s controversial anti-espionage program fight back in their own ways.

Xiaoxing Xi and Anming Hu, both Asian men with dark hair wearing glasses. Xi has slightly protruding ears and is wearing a burgundy shirt; Hu has a rounder face and is wearing a white shirt.

A women’s college goes coed, enraging students and alumnae

Notre Dame of Maryland University abruptly announced it would begin admitting male undergraduates next fall to combat enrollment declines. Backlash from students and alumnae was swift.

Student protesters hold signs that say "I'm with her," with arrows pointing at their fellow protesters.

The push for more active learning spaces on campus

Limited access to active learning spaces may disproportionately hurt historically excluded groups, and institutions should build more of these spaces in the name of equity, according to a new study. Where does higher ed stand on next-generation learning spaces?

A collage of photos showing students using active learning spaces, as described in the story.


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