Ohio State faculty object to draft intellectual property policy

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Ohio State University faculty members object to a proposed new intellectual property policy they say is too vague and appears to be too broad.


Wisconsin System Chief Would Quit If Cuts Aren't Reduced

Ray Cross said Wednesday that he would resign as president of the University of Wisconsin System if $300 million in budget cuts proposed by Governor Scott Walker, a Republican, are not reduced and if legislators make changes that undercut tenure, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. Cross was appearing at a budget forum at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, and made the pledge in response to a question from faculty members.


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Report Criticizes Higher Ed's Embrace of Sustainability

Sustainability has become "higher education's new fundamentalism," according to a report released Wednesday by the National Association of Scholars, a group that is an advocate for a traditional college curriculum. Sustainability is not just about promoting environmentalism, the report argues. Rather, the movement "distorts college curricula and cuts off free inquiry on important questions." Further, colleges are "spending lavishly on sustainability programs" at a time of tight budgets for other priorities, the report says.

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2,500 Rally to Back Mississippi Chancellor Being Ousted

About 2,500 people rallied at the University of Mississippi Wednesday to demand that the state higher education board reverse its decision not to renew the contract of Chancellor Dan Jones, The Clarion-Ledger reported. The decision not to keep Jones, despite faculty, student and donor backing, has angered many. The diversity and size of the rally was notable, the newspaper said.

"Around 2,500 people -- estimated by some to be the largest nonathletics gathering on campus in decades -- gathered in front of the university's Lyceum. They were old and young, representing both town and gown. There were professors and staff members. Frat bros and hipsters. Black and white. All gathered in one place to support their chancellor, Dr. Dan Jones," the article said.



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After racist video, U. of Oklahoma to hire chief diversity officer

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The University of Oklahoma is one of the few institutions of its size without a chief diversity officer.

Colleges announce commencement speakers

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The following colleges and universities have announced their commencement speakers for spring 2015:

Opposition Grows to Ouster of Mississippi Chancellor

Mississippi legislators have drafted and are lining up support for bills that would strip the state's higher education board of the right to hire and fire university presidents, The Clarion-Ledger reported. The bill would create individual boards for each university and give them that power. It is uncertain if the bills will pass, in part because they require supermajority support because they were filed after the normal deadline for legislation. But many lawmakers are endorsing the idea, based in part on their frustrations that the state board has decided not to renew the contract of Dan Jones as chancellor of the University of Mississippi.

Also on Tuesday, the Faculty Senate at Mississippi unanimously passed a resolution that the body "expresses its utmost confidence in Chancellor Jones and calls upon the board to immediately reverse its decision and renew his contract."


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Penn State Will Study Greek System, Hold Off on Punishment

Pennsylvania State University announced Monday that it will hold off on any punishments of a fraternity found to have operated private Facebook pages with photos of passed-out women, drug sales and hazing. But the university said it would launch a major study of fraternity life. A statement from Eric J. Barron, president of Penn State, said that he was "personally repulsed and shocked" by the Facebook pages of Kappa Delta Rho, but that he was not prepared -- as some have urged -- to expel or suspend all the fraternity members. "The motivation behind these requests is understandable, however, the criminal investigation by local police into the KDR matter continues, as does the process managed by our Office of Student Conduct. Patience is required to allow these investigations to continue unimpeded so that we can achieve a level of justice that fully matches the outcomes of the investigations. I ask for your understanding as due process proceeds," he said.

 At the same time, Barron said he was appointing a committee to study the Greek system at Penn State.

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New presidents or provosts: Amarillo Baylor Campbell Housatonic Lakehead LSUS Middlesex Rasmussen Tacoma

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  • Tim Blackman, acting vice chancellor at the Open University, in Britain, has been appointed as vice chancellor of Middlesex University London, also in Britain.

U.Mass. Faces $3B in Debt

The University of Massachusetts System, like many colleges and universities, has used debt financing in recent years to add and renovate facilities. But an article in The Boston Globe raises questions about the impact of using so much debt. The current debt level is $3 billion. This year, the university will pay $203 million in debt and interest, up from $137 million five years ago.



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