National Academies report: sexual harassment is costly to science, compliance-based approaches don't work


National Academies report says sexual harassment is costly to science and that compliance-based approaches to curbing it don't work. Promoting civility and otherwise managing research and learning climates is more effective, it says.

Calif. finalizes performance funding formula for its community colleges

The biggest and perhaps least likely state to try performance funding will tie billions of dollars for community colleges to measures of student success, a plan faculty groups say will punish students and colleges.

New data analysis from National Academy of Arts and Sciences says humanities Ph.D.s may not earn a lot but are satisfied over all

New data analysis from American Academy of Arts and Sciences says humanities Ph.D.s may earn less than their counterparts in other fields but are satisfied -- particularly if they stay in academe.

Southern Illinois U appears prepared to oust system president

After email about strategy to "shut up the bitchers" on the faculty, Southern Illinois University's system president appears likely to be placed on leave. He expresses surprise at the plan.

Close ties between University of Michigan’s investments and donors draw scrutiny and criticism

University's endowment has grown. Should funds be invested with those who are also major donors?

Why do campus abuse cases keep falling through the cracks?

Despite vows to push back against sexual abuse on campus, cases keep coming, with leaders failing to act on abuse reports until it's too late.

Report criticizes tax deduction that aids high-income grad students

A new report argues for letting a tax deduction that benefits high-earning grad students expire. It's part of a drumbeat of proposals to restrict federal benefits for graduate students.

Two groups whose memberships extend beyond liberal arts issue statement in support of liberal arts and its disciplines

Two groups issue joint statement on "increasingly threatened" disciplines and approaches.

Savannah State professors object to new, unwritten policy linking DFW grades to teaching effectiveness

Savannah State professors object to a new, unwritten policy judging their teaching effectiveness by how many D or F grades they give.

A university's closure and its implications for online learning, adult student markets

The story of an innovative university's shutdown says as much about the landscape for online learning as it does about one campus's decisions.


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