Harvard faculty committee recommends Greek, other clubs be eliminated

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A Harvard panel of faculty members and administrators wants to eliminate Greek life and other exclusive groups.

Involvement of groups that have focused on false rape claims at department summit criticized

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Women’s groups alarmed that Title IX summit will include “men’s rights” groups that many say minimize reality of rape; statement from key civil rights official -- on which she later backtracked -- casts doubt on 90 percent of campus reports of assaults.

Texas Legislature requires colleges to use popular reform approach to remedial education

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State requires a change to remedial education that’s based on an increasingly popular reform concept.

In dramatic shift, most Republicans now say colleges have negative impact

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In dramatic shift, more than half of Republicans now say colleges have a negative impact on the U.S., with wealthier, older and more educated Republicans being least positive.

Support builds for expanding Pell eligibility to short-term certificates

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Bipartisan support builds for expanding Pell Grant eligibility to short-term certificates, although some experts worry about quality control and funding.

California community colleges seek to rebrand CTE as state kicks in new money

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California’s community colleges seek to rebrand career and technical education amid a broad state push that includes $200 million more in annual funding.

University of Louisville pursues different strategies for different scandals

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U of Louisville didn’t try to defend itself over harsh criticisms of its foundation. But when NCAA faulted powerful coach for failing to prevent a prostitution scandal, it was another matter.

Trinity College in Connecticut puts Johnny Eric Williams on leave over controversial comments about race

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Trinity College in Connecticut places Johnny Eric Williams on leave over controversial comments about race. Faculty groups say college is undermining academic freedom.

Professors are often political lightning rods but now are facing new threats over their views, particularly on race

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Professors are often lightning rods, but many see a new menace to academic freedom in recent physical threats against faculty members who speak out on race and other issues.

Wesleyan College in Georgia apologizes for decades in which institution embraced Ku Klux Klan culture

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On same day Atlanta newspaper exposes decades KKK influence on the culture and activities of Wesleyan College, the women's institution publicly apologizes and acknowledges its past for first time.


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