Despite faculty opposition, a politician to become president of Florida State U.

Trustees, despite faculty and student opposition, pick political insider without experience in higher education.


Anonymous racist posts on social media network prompt Colgate students to stage sit-in, now entering third day


Anonymous racist posts on social media network prompt Colgate students to stage sit-in, now entering third day.

Wesleyan University orders its fraternities to become coeducational


Fraternities at Wesleyan University now have three years to become coeducational or they'll be kicked off campus.

Freshman deaths show risks of transitioning to college life

At least eight freshmen at U.S. universities have died so far this year. How can colleges help alter the behaviors of students they're only just starting to know?


Mills College adjuncts protest changes that were instituted shortly after a union vote

Mills College adjuncts, fresh from winning a union vote, protest job eliminations and program changes that seemed to kick in just as collective bargaining was won.

Ohio U. debate intensifies over anti-Israel twist to "ice bucket challenge" and 4 arrests

In wake of Ohio U. Student Senate president's anti-Israel twist on the fund-raiser for ALS, debate has escalated, four students have been arrested, and questions are being raised about the charges against them -- and about calls for civility.

Following Yale president's plea for free expression, student groups protest speaker

Two weeks after president called for preserving campus as platform for all ideas, more than 30 student groups protest appearance by Ayaan Hirsi Ali -- a women's rights activist and a vocal, often controversial critic of Islam.

Colleges worry about future of football fans, as student attendance declines

As student attendance at college football games continues to decline, some institutions worry about the trend's ramifications for future alumni support. 

University-themed Jell-O molds send a mixed message, critics say

Colleges and Kraft Foods say that new university-themed Jell-O molds are meant to be used to create tasty tailgate treats. But some worry they're an invitation to binge drink.

New book blames colleges for many college graduates' difficult adjustment to adulthood

In a new book, the authors of Academically Adrift return to report on how the same cohort of "meandering" students are faring after graduation. It's not a pretty picture.


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