Firing sets off debate over whether deans must publicly back administrations

Firing of a dean sets off debate over whether academic leaders must always publicly back the positions of their presidents.

Unofficial Internet campaign outs professor for alleged sexual harassment, attempted assault

Controversial Internet campaign "outing" an unnamed philosophy professor for alleged sexual assault and harassment attracts praise and criticism.

Penn debates selling holdings in tobacco companies

Faculty at the University of Pennsylvania are pushing the college to to sell its tobacco stocks -- which some of its peers did two decades ago.

Some victims of sex assault are going public in identifying those they say raped them

Students at Columbia have posted names of alleged student rapists in women’s rooms. Is this where debate about campus judicial systems is headed?

Arizona State professor accused of plagiarism for second time

A professor accused and cleared of intentional plagiarism has been accused again, this time for his new book. His defenders say the real issue is that the allegations are being made anonymously.

Youngstown State hires former coach Tressel as its president

The embattled former football coach now has to fend off campus politics and lead struggling Youngstown State University as president.

A look at the three university research efforts White House says can contribute to combatting sex assaults

Hopkins, U. of New Hampshire and U. of Texas at Austin were praised by Obama administration for research on campus sexual assaults. What can they teach other institutions?

Amherst bans membership in underground fraternities

Thirty years after college eliminated official Greek life, and amid national debate over sexual assault, officials vow to shut down underground system.

Colleges try new approaches to post-tenure review

One college is trying to make it collegial; others are trying to target low performers. Is there a way to make the process meaningful, fair and attractive to faculty?


Colleges confront an increase in use of heroin by students

Facing overdoses and regional scourges, campuses start to see that substance abuse problems don’t just revolve around alcohol and marijuana.



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