Mount St. Mary's board sends conciliatory email, but supporters of president are sending harsher emails

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Board sends conciliatory email to faculty members at Maryland institution, but they are also receiving messages from some alumni telling them to stop opposing the president.

President of Kirkwood Community College admits to plagiarism in speech

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Board of Kirkwood Community College "expresses its disappointment" after president admitted he used material from The New York Times in a speech.

Colleges wrestle with federal laws in order to stay politically engaged

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Campaign season poses unique challenges at colleges where students want to take sides but the college itself cannot.

Michigan Football Coach Spent $10,000 a Day on Jets

The University of Michigan spent more than $10,000 per day on jet travel for its head football coach and his staff in the days ahead of last year's national signing day, according to an analysis by USA Today. During a 12-day stretch in Jim Harbaugh's first month as head coach, Harbaugh and his staff spent more than $136,000 traveling on private jets for recruiting trips. Harbaugh's contract requires the university to cover those expenses.

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Mumps Turns Up at 2 Universities in Indiana

Three students at Butler University have been diagnosed with mumps and have returned home to recover, The Indianapolis Star reported. The mumps vaccine is not 100 percent effective, and outbreaks can spread quickly on campuses. Indiana University at Bloomington has reported two cases.

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Spellings Outlines Agenda for UNC System

Margaret Spellings (right), former U.S. secretary of education, on Friday outlined her agenda for leading the University of North Carolina system, of which she becomes president March 1. In a speech to a retreat of the board, she invoked the UNC system's history -- twice invoking Bill Friday, the late legendary system president. She praised the system overall but said it must focus on results, and results for all kinds of students. "Historically in our country, we have done a good job of educating elites, and we still do," she said. But that's not enough, and higher education needs to do more for all students, particularly minority and first-generation students, Spellings said.

Many academics have accused the board that hired her of micromanaging campuses. Spellings seemed to speak to that concern when she said of the campuses, "we must set clear expectations of institutional leaders and then get out of their way. We must show them the respect they deserve as managers of sophisticated enterprises."

The appointment of Spellings prompted criticism from some students and professors, who have said they fear her priorities will focus on "corporatization" or budget cuts and that she may not show sensitivity to all students. The News & Observer reported that Spellings choked back tears when she discussed this criticism. “I must say that after spending most of my career in service to the public, working on behalf of all students and with people of all points of view, I’ve been surprised at the intensity of the reaction,” she said, “but I look forward to meeting with, talking to and learning from those who have questions about my record and my intentions. When you get to know me, you’ll see that I am driven to provide education and opportunity for all.”

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Court: Antitrust Case Against Duke and UNC May Move Forward

A legal challenge to an alleged no-hire agreement between Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has survived an important test. On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Catherine Eagles rejected the universities’ request to dismiss a lawsuit from an assistant professor of radiology at Duke who claimed that she’d been denied a job at North Carolina due to an alleged agreement that the two universities wouldn’t recruit from each others’ faculties.

The class-action suit brought by that professor, Danielle Seaman, alleges that the secret agreement was binding, with the intent to artificially suppress wages, and violates antitrust laws. The recent court decision includes a denial of state action immunity against antitrust liability, based on the defendants’ argument that they should be exempt from federal antitrust laws because a state university and health system is involved. Seaman’s attorney, Dean Harvey, said in a statement that the decision “confirmed that secret agreements in restraint of trade are not immune from the antitrust laws simply because a co-conspirator is a state employee.” A spokesperson for Duke declined comment, as did a spokesperson for North Carolina.

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Muhlenberg will require students to select alumni or parent mentors

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Muhlenberg College will require students to recruit mentors from a database of parents and alumni.

Questions raised about survey Mount St. Mary's gave freshmen to identify possible at-risk students

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As debate continues over drowning bunnies and Mount St. Mary's questionnaire for new students, concerns are raised about ethics and legality of the survey.

Texas A&M Investigates Reports of Racist Slurs

Texas A&M University is investigating reports that students yelled racial slurs at a group of high school students during a campus tour this week.

About 60 juniors from a Dallas-area high school were visiting the university on Tuesday, when a white woman allegedly approached two black students and asked their opinions on her earrings, which were miniature replicas of the Confederate flag. Later, a group of students allegedly began shouting racist slurs at the students, The Dallas Morning News reported, and told the high school students to "Go back where you came from."

A campus tour guide and an official from the high school who were accompanying the students also witnessed and reported the incident.

"I am outraged and tremendously disappointed in the behavior displayed by a group of students on our College Station campus," Michael Young, the university's president, said in a statement. "I deeply regret the pain and hurt feelings this incident caused these young students. Be assured that we take such allegations very seriously."

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