Amid budget deficits and unfavorable demographics, Oberlin pushes to do more with less

In a bid to balance its budget and stay the same size, Oberlin proposes to trim 100 students from renowned music conservatory while adding same number to liberal arts program.

New analysis shows just how false the reports are that it's impossible to get into college

New analysis shows just how false are the reports that it's impossible to get into college.

Per-student public spending recovers halfway since recession: study

An early look at state and local higher education funding finds that recovery since the recession has been uneven, with just nine states in 2018 back to pre-recession funding levels -- meanwhile, another 11 have seen no recovery at all.

Report on purchase of coach's house brings the admissions scandal to Harvard

A wealthy man bought the fencing coach's house, apparently overpaying significantly. Then the man's son was admitted to Harvard and joined the team. Also, Dartmouth announces new protocols to prevent abuses related to athletic admissions.

Two years after rescue, Wheeling Jesuit guts faculty, programs

Wheeling Jesuit eliminates all majors in liberal arts, keeping pre-professional programs and athletics. Many tenured professors are losing jobs.

More colleges go test optional in admissions

More colleges are ending requirements that applicants submit SAT or ACT. It's not the admissions scandal, but about diversity concerns and may be a Chicago impact.

Hiwassee College will close

Hiwassee, in Tennessee, will shut down. Wheeling Jesuit will eliminate all but eight of 30 academic programs and will slash faculty jobs as well.

Repeated scandals stymie USC's efforts to improve its image

Students, alumni and faculty worry University of Southern California's attempts to move past scandals have been sidetracked by the recent admissions fraud and bribery case. Some wonder if the university's image will be permanently sullied.

Democratic lawmakers join chorus of critics on higher education as engine of inequality

Scandal and data are fueling a growing belief that higher education is rigged for the wealthy, and are motivating Democratic allies to consider a harsher stance with the industry.

Wake Forest professors demand that university do more about photographs of admissions leaders

Arts and sciences faculty vote overwhelmingly to condemn university's response to discovery that two admissions leaders -- while students in the 1980s -- posed in front of Confederate flags.


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