GAO report blasts colleges on aid offers

Nearly two-thirds of colleges follow half or fewer of the 10 best practices in award letters. No college in GAO’s sample followed all 10.

What will happen to 'U.S. News' rankings?

Some think (and many hope) that the move of law schools away from the publication will prompt undergraduate colleges to do the same. But no new challenges have emerged on undergraduate rankings … thus far.

ABA panel votes to end testing requirement

American Bar Association panel votes to lift test requirement, but group’s governing body must still approve the change. Sixty deans opposed the move.

Harvard and Yale law will not participate in 'U.S. News' rankings

Deans issue separate scathing attacks on the methodology used in the rankings.

University of Utah seeks students with grit

University of Utah hopes to expand a program that diversifies the institution—and that should survive a Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action.

Will affirmative action debates end legacy admissions?

Supreme Court is likely to bar preferences based on race but not based on alumni status. But some think colleges will feel forced to abandon the latter.

Ex-employee alleges discrimination by Tufts admissions dean

Former employees of the Tufts admission office allege their higher-ups discriminated against staff of color. The university has hired an outside law firm to investigate.

Justices appear skeptical of affirmative action

Most of the Supreme Court appears impatient for its end. But the justices appointed by Democrats made the case for the practice.

Students, advocates rally in support of affirmative action

Hundreds show support for affirmative action programs as Supreme Court weighs their fate.

Direct admissions takes off

Colleges for the first time have a real alternative, and so far the new approach is getting strong reviews. But predicting yield is anyone’s guess.


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