Promise programs thrive despite unanswered questions about long-term effects and sustainability

"Promise program" scholarships are appealing to cities and counties looking to boost their local educational achievement. But it's too early to say for sure that the programs work.

Matthew McConaughey's pricey commencement speaker fee 'not out of the norm'

News of what the University of Houston will pay the actor Matthew McConaughey renews the debate about the expense of celebrities at graduation.

New projects, laws help prison college programs gain steam

Could support for providing prisoners access to college-level courses be growing more widespread? 

Will Sweet Briar's closure prompt college leaders to rethink their fight to stay open?

Some fear Sweet Briar's decision to close will prompt other small private colleges to do the same, leading a number of presidents to outline how their colleges are not like Sweet Briar.

Sweet Briar College will shut down

UPDATE: Some see a courageous decision by a board that searched hard for alternatives. Others are dubious. Many wonder which other colleges are vulnerable.

Bernie Sanders calls for two tuition-free years of all public colleges and universities

Senator Sanders, the Vermont independent and possible 2016 presidential contender, calls on Congress to boost federal higher ed spending to allow states to slash public college tuition in half.

UMass will not admit Iranian students to certain science and engineering programs


New policy at UMass barring Iranians from some science and engineering programs raises concerns and questions about universities responsibilities' under U.S. sanctions.

Investigation finds UT-Austin president influenced admissions decisions


An investigation of the University of Texas at Austin finds the president likely swayed admissions decisions to aid well-connected applicants. Everybody does it, President Bill Powers said.

As policy makers push FAFSA simplification, colleges and states worry about lost data

How many questions are really needed? And how many just confuse?

The law school transfer market heats up, getting some deans hot under the collar

Some law schools are going after large numbers of transfer students, seeking out new revenue and students with LSAT scores that won't count in the rankings game.


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