For the University of Maryland University College, survival is a war on multiple fronts

The University of Maryland University College needs to change to stay alive. But so far the university can only agree on what it doesn’t want to change into.

Goucher will create new option for admissions: a two-minute video

Goucher College creates a new option in which applicants will be evaluated on the basis of a two-minute video.

Mount Holyoke will now accept applications from transgender women

Mount Holyoke College adopts formal policy to admit students who are female or who identify as women.

Duke U. adds voluntary admissions question on sexual orientation and gender identity

University adds optional application essay on sexual orientation and gender identity.

White House gathers experts to boost college counseling


With less fanfare, the White House once again convenes a conference on getting more low-income students into college. The focus this time is college counseling. 

2 Christian colleges win Title IX exemptions that give them the right to expel transgender students

Many were surprised when a Christian college won exemption from Title IX so it could bar a transgender student from housing. Two more Christian colleges have now received exemptions -- giving them the right to subject transgender students to expulsion.

Appeals court upholds U. of Texas affirmative action policy

Appeals court backs U. of Texas at Austin's consideration of race in admissions, but appeal is likely headed back to Supreme Court.

Scholar explores how graduate admissions committees view measures of merit and diversity

Scholar goes behind scenes to observe professors decide whom to admit to top Ph.D. programs. She finds that GRE and grades dominate first winnowing, while diversity comes into play later.

Boston institutions try to grab attention with provocative marketing efforts


Two Boston institutions have launched unusual marketing campaigns in an attempt to draw notice in a crowded market.


Dispute over company that works with colleges on graduate and professional school applications


A company that helps leading graduate and professional schools handle applications has owed millions and misled its clients about why they're not getting their money, lawsuit alleges.


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