Boston institutions try to grab attention with provocative marketing efforts


Two Boston institutions have launched unusual marketing campaigns in an attempt to draw notice in a crowded market.


Dispute over company that works with colleges on graduate and professional school applications


A company that helps leading graduate and professional schools handle applications has owed millions and misled its clients about why they're not getting their money, lawsuit alleges.

As prices rise, colleges are offering students steeper discounts, again


Private college discount rates continue to rise, and some worry about the long-term impact.

Contract reveals Arizona State U.-Starbucks partnership details


Arizona State University's accord with the coffee giant reveals the university is banking on the partnership being a success.

New book discusses diversity strategies that don't consider race

In new book and discussion, researchers and advocates envision strategies for fostering campus diversity in a world in which race-conscious remedies are prohibited.

What would it really take to be in the 'U.S. News' Top 20?

What would it really take to be in the U.S. News top 20? ​And can anyone really change in the 'beauty pageant' of the reputational survey?

New details on antitrust suit against Common Application


Lawsuit accuses Common Application of violating antitrust law by pressuring colleges into adopting certain policies. Admissions experts are split on whether the charge has validity.

Amherst bans membership in underground fraternities

Thirty years after college eliminated official Greek life, and amid national debate over sexual assault, officials vow to shut down underground system.

Supreme Court upholds right of state voters to bar consideration of race in admissions

Supreme Court finds that Michigan voters had the right to bar public colleges from considering the use of race in admissions.

Admissions counselor was among those killed on bus to Humboldt State


An admissions officer was killed on the bus to Humboldt State -- guiding students he recruited from Los Angeles.


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