UVa backs away from loan-free offer to its poorest students

Why is the University of Virginia backing away from a student aid policy that succeeded in attracting more low-income students? And why is UNC standing by a similar policy?

Admissions leaders gather and consider how to define merit

Admissions leaders gather to consider how to promote broader definitions of worthiness and more diversity in their classes -- all while dealing with the pressures of money and rankings.

Syracuse, after refusing to play the rankings game, may care again


After years of decisions that increased diversity but didn't help it in the rankings, Syracuse University might start caring again.

Most presidents doubt Obama's plan to promote affordable higher education


Gallup/Inside Higher Ed poll of college presidents find that most doubt many aspects of the president's plan to make college more affordable.

Major 2-year colleges and selective 4-year institutions create national transfer network

American Honors, a venture capital-funded effort to help students transfer from two-year-college honors programs to selective universities, grows to four community colleges and 27 four-year institutions.

Study finds that high schoolers who are physically attractive are more likely to complete college


High schoolers who are physically attractive are more likely than others to complete college, study finds.

Study examines impact of major vs. impact of college prestige on women's earnings

For women, and especially disadvantaged women, what they study may be more important than where they study -- if they aspire to close the pay gap with men.

Private colleges remain under the weather

At a number of small private colleges this year, disappointing enrollments have led to layoffs, program cuts, bond-rating downgrades and more.

College Board pushes back revised SAT by one year


The new test will debut in 2016, not 2015. Will it lose more market share to the ACT before the launch?

Higher education associations stake out positions on ratings system

Higher ed associations start to take firmer stances against part of President Obama's proposal to rate colleges.


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