George Washington U. admits that it incorrectly told applicants it was need-blind


George Washington U. said for years that ability to pay wasn't a factor in admissions. It wasn't true.

Louisiana college plans to send all freshmen to Paris in the first days of class


Centenary College of Louisiana plans to send all its 2014 fall freshmen to France in the first days of class. Is this the future of study abroad or PR?


New study explores qualities that help black and Latino males succeed in high school

New study documents that there are groups of black and Latino males in urban high schools who are poised for college success, and who generally don't know their college options.

Admissions association lifts ban on commissioned agents in international recruiting

Association of admissions officers lifts its ban on the use of commissioned agents in international student recruitment.

ABA panel calls for overhaul of law school education

ABA panel urges restructuring of pricing and financial aid, creation of new models of legal education, and a shift in faculty culture. Tenure systems would not be required for accreditation.

College Board president gives some hints about changes in the SAT


College Board president suggests a new approach to the writing test and pledges that other changes will make test prep less of a factor.

Small private colleges steeply cut their sticker price, but will it drive down college costs?

Small private colleges cut their sticker price in an effort not to scare away middle-class students. But will it work or hurt? Will anyone really save much money?

Humanities doctoral programs show unexpected boost in new students

New graduate enrollments show modest increases overall, but doctoral programs in the humanities -- where the academic job market remains tough -- are showing larger gains.

In new book, California union president says public colleges can be free

Change everything about how higher ed is funded and public colleges can offer free tuition, a new book argues.

President Obama proposes to link student aid to new ratings of colleges

President proposes new system to evaluate colleges -- and plan to offer greater Pell Grants and more favorable loans to those who attend institutions with the best rankings.


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