Supreme Court takes another case involving affirmative action and higher education


Supreme Court agrees to decide whether Michigan voters had the right to bar public colleges and universities from considering race and ethnicity in admissions.

Experts consider the truths and fictions of the Tina Fey film 'Admission'


Three experts share their thoughts on the truths and fictions of the new Tina Fey movie.

CUNY Graduate Center hopes to offer a public model for reform of doctoral education

As Stanford spurs discussion of trimming time-to-degree for Ph.D.s, CUNY offers model for public institutions that might want to kill tradition of grad school as a place you "check in and never check out."

Many students opt for colleges that spend more on nonacademic functions, study finds


Many prospective students favor colleges that invest more in nonacademic functions (including athletics and dormitories) over institutions that focus their spending on academics, study finds.

Bucknell's admission raises questions about how many colleges are reporting false data

Bucknell becomes fifth college in a year to admit it gave out false data. Experts see recent scandals pointing to broader problems related to rankings and reputations.

Bucknell misreported test scores from 2006 to 2012


Bucknell misreported scores -- internally and externally -- from 2006-12. University becomes fifth in a year to have announced such falsehoods.

Study casts doubt on idea that spending more per student leads to better educational outcomes


Study questions the relationship between how much colleges spend on education, and the quality of education that they provide.

Admissions leaders and legal experts debate how to define merit

With Supreme Court decision on affirmative action looming, admissions and legal experts debate whether and how to move beyond test scores and grades, and whether "non-cognitive" measures will yield more diversity and more successful students.

Franklin & Marshall targets charter schools like KIPP for new source of students

In pursuit of students who would be a good fit for its rigorous, supportive, small-community environment, Franklin & Marshall is tapping into urban charter schools.

Study says many highly talented low-income students never apply to top colleges


More than half of the most talented potential applicants from low-income families never apply to a competitive college, study finds. And admissions officers may be looking for them in the wrong places.


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