New survey of Chinese students on motivations for picking colleges

Experts offer insight into why Chinese students choose the universities that they do, what they can pay, and what their English levels are really like.

Asian-American group urges Supreme Court to bar race-conscious admissions


Asian-American groups urge Supreme Court to bar race-conscious admissions, renewing debate over the impact of such policies.

Denver and Phoenix could be the last new hotspots for college recruiting. Then what?

Phoenix and Denver are the latest (and possibly last) recruiting hotbeds for liberal arts colleges. Administrators now worry that they're running out of marketing moves.

At Pitzer College, most students don't submit test scores

At Pitzer College, unlike most institutions that have gone SAT-optional, most applicants have stopped sending their test scores.

Four countries issue new standards for recruiting agents

Australia, Britain, Ireland and New Zealand issue joint statement on recruiting international students, backing system that remains controversial in the U.S.

Claremont McKenna admits extent of deception on admissions statistics


Claremont McKenna didn't just report inaccurate SAT averages; the college inflated class ranks and deflated admissions rates. The motive wasn't rankings, but a desire to admit a few more students without absolutely top academic credentials.

San Jose State University gets more selective, reluctantly

San Jose State University gets more selective for local students, citing budget cuts and enrollment pressure, while 15 other Cal State campuses are at least partially overcrowded.

New research on how elite colleges make admissions decisions


Study of the most competitive colleges finds that "holistic" admissions policies look very different at different colleges -- and that some kinds of applicants may compete only against each other.

NACUBO study of discount rates finds another increase and a drop in enrollment


NACUBO's survey of discount rates finds another increase, but a surprising enrollment drop at many private institutions could be a threat to balanced budgets.

Commission considers arguments about international recruiting agents


Admissions leaders -- charged with resolving a major ethics debate -- hear reports on how other countries handle the issue, consider inconsistencies of U.S. policy and ask a lot of tough questions.


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