Research suggests that personal endorsements have an impact in admissions

Forget formal letters of recommendation. Do personal appeals make a difference? Research suggests they create a real advantage over similarly qualified applicants without an advocate.

Has it become impossible for low-income students to pay for public higher education? (opinion)

A new report leaves Jim Jump wondering if low-income students can still find the money to pay for public higher education.

Standardized testing is needed in graduate school admissions (opinion)

Doctoral admissions needs reform, but not the end of testing, writes David G. Payne.

New data show plans of potential transfer students

Princeton admits first transfer applicants since 1990. And new data may help those colleges that never stopped.

The Colorado State admissions tour controversy is atypical and significant (opinion)

Jim Jump considers what happened to two Native American students when they visited Colorado State.

ABA panel votes to end LSAT as requirement for accreditation

Admission to law schools could see changes.

University of Texas System apologizes for how Tyler campus revoked scholarships

System statement says policies will be changed to prevent a repeat of this year's revoking of scholarships. But it says it can't provide funds to help those who lost grants.

ACT receives criticism for starting program to train test tutors

ACT has raised some eyebrows by announcing a new program -- for which participants must pay -- to train those who tutor test takers.

Washington & Jefferson has what many would consider an ideal gender ratio, but it wants more women

Washington & Jefferson has roughly equal split between male and female students, a ratio many colleges would envy, but it's seeking more women.


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