Tufts drops SAT subject-test requirement

What was once the norm in competitive college admissions is increasingly rare.

'Inside Higher Ed' survey results on what presidents think about admissions issues

On some issues, their perspectives are quite different from those of admissions deans.

Georgia considers and abandons plan to stop supporting students at Gallaudet and NTID

Georgia announced plan to stop supporting deaf students from the state who go to Gallaudet or NTID. State backed down amid uproar.

New ranking by 'FT' raises question of how women can judge a business school

New rankings by FT raise questions about how female applicants view M.B.A. programs.

A roundup of admissions news in the week

Foreign language enrollments drop; drug offenses and student aid; another admissions letter snafu.

UC President Wants Guaranteed Admission for Qualified 2-Year College Students

University of California president Janet Napolitano announced Wednesday that she wants the system to explore ways to guarantee admission to academically eligible students in the state's community colleges.

UC would follow California State University, which already guarantees admission to qualified community college students. 

Napolitano said the path to guaranteed admission could be through the UC system's 21 transfer pathways, which help make students competitive for admission but doesn't guarantee them entry. 

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Another Admissions Letter Snafu

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is the latest institution to have an email error confuse people about who was admitted. The university sent out 11,000 messages this week that were supposed to go only to parents of admitted applicants. But about 500 went to parents of rejected applicants, leading some of them to think that their children had in fact been admitted. Calls started to arrive 15 minutes after the email went out, and Colorado Springs followed up with correct information and an apology.

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A roundup of admissions news in the last week

Random roommates only; wealthy parents; Obama scholarships.

Criticism of College Board and its response to Florida high school tragedy continues

A second apology sets off yet more anger.


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