Admissions Insider: Early Applications Are Up

In “Admissions Insider” this week:

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Essay of advice to counselors on how to help applicants writing admissions essays

Charlotte West offers advice for college counselors on the guidance they should provide applicants.

Medical schools have become more diverse, primarily because of Asian-Americans

Share of white students has dropped significantly in last 35 years, but Asian-Americans are alone among minority groups in seeing substantial gains. Black applicants have lowest admit rates.

Admissions Insider: Do Weighted GPAs Matter?

This week in “Admissions Insider”:

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Leaked documents reveal that Brigham Young favored male applicants

Leaked documents show an advantage for men over women, using a numerical formula. University says it has shifted to holistic admissions.

Essay on issues raised by differing perspectives of presidents and principals, and admissions professionals

A colleague’s job move has Jim Jump reflecting on challenges faced by those in admissions whose bosses don’t understand the field.

A competitive high school asks: Are weighted GPAs doing any good?

At competitive high schools, students boast of averages that are well above 4.0. Does anyone take the numbers seriously? Could they be doing damage?

A roundup of admissions news in the last week

Uncomfortable men; DeVos and degrees; FAFSA goes mobile; a plan to reform undergraduate education.

High school students are applying to too many colleges (essay)

Students are being encouraged to apply to too many colleges, writes Nicholas Soodik.

Essay on the importance of honesty in admissions

Jim Jump considers the ethics associated with telling high school students their odds of getting in to certain colleges.


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