College of Charleston reportedly ended race-based affirmative action without telling anyone

College of Charleston stopped considering race in admissions in 2016, and word just leaked Sunday.

A roundup of recent news on admissions

Democratic plans; transfer agreement; ACT and NRCCUA.

Colleges investigated over sexual assaults see increases in applications

More women and more men apply, and more enroll, after an inquiry becomes public.

New $49 adaptive exam seeks a seat at English testing table

Can a $49, AI-enabled, take-anywhere English skills test -- created by the developer of a free smartphone language app -- disrupt the crowded world of higher ed language assessment?

History of Berea College offers lessons on how not to respond to threats to diversity policies (opinion)

Colleges should consider the response to a century-old Supreme Court decision and be sure they have a plan to welcome all students, regardless of what today's courts say about affirmative action, writes John Frederick Bell.

Deep Springs College admits and enrolls first class including women

Applications were up, and women will make up two-thirds of the first-year class at small and intense institution.

Experts consider University of Wyoming's controversial marketing campaign

University of Wyoming received criticism for its admissions marketing campaign. We asked some experts -- and share their views.

A roundup of admissions news in the week

Discount rates; AP World History; evolving English major.


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