Florida State illustrates the worries and reasons not to worry about high school grade inflation

Florida State shares data showing that high school students are in fact earning higher grades. Yet the predictive value of the high school GPA hasn't changed.

A roundup of admissions news in the week

Tuition pressures; impact of tuition increases on diversity; nondegree credentials; humor from Georgia Tech.

Should colleges admit students in front of cameras?

It's great marketing for institutions -- and may encourage others to see that college is possible. But is recording this moment for YouTube best for those getting in?

Enrollment fears could prompt overdue reforms (opinion)

Maybe now is the time to reform admissions for the better, writes Nicholas Soodik.

Webb Institute is latest college to drop SAT subject test requirement

Webb finds its own assessments better predict success in the first year.

A roundup of admissions news in the last week

Gain in maximum Pell Grant; fighting poverty; law schools with low bar passage rates.

Considering the implications of Harvard dropping the SAT essay (opinion)

Jim Jump considers the implications of the university's decision to stop requiring the essay portion of the test.

New play on admissions skewers white liberal views of diversity and affirmative action

What happens to diversity-minded educators when their son is wait-listed by Yale, but his biracial best friend with lower grades and test scores gets in? A new play has people talking.

Harvard ends requirement of SAT essay

Many other colleges have already dropped the requirement.

College Board will no longer let Saturday PSAT test takers keep their test booklets

Those who take the test on Saturday will no longer be able to take their booklets with them.


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