ACT scores drop; only Asian Americans saw gains

All racial and ethnic groups -- except for Asian Americans -- see declines.

Study finds greater life impact on attending a wealthy high school than one with high-achieving students

Socioeconomic status of high school has more impact on educational attainment and life success than does attending a high school with high levels of student achievement, study finds.

Common App's transfer application attracts lots of interest, and complaints

New service attracts considerable interest, but some trying to use it are frustrated.

Educational values are at stake in the Harvard admissions case (opinion)

For many students, experiences as members of a particular racial or ethnic group are central to their identities, and those identities should not vanish in the name of colorblind admissions, writes Nicholas Soodik.

Historically black Georgia college defiant amid loss of accreditation

The private historically black institution in Georgia says it will seek a new accreditor after a federal judge rules that a regional agency can withdraw its stamp of approval, blocking access to federal financial aid.

On eve of Harvard admissions trial, dueling rallies illustrate politics of the case

As a judge gets ready to hear the evidence, defenders and critics of affirmative action eye the broader audience and politics of the dispute.

Study documents high schoolers' widespread ignorance about college costs

Most do not know what they would pay to attend a public four-year institution in their home state, study finds.

Criticism of Idaho's direct admissions program are based on misconceptions (opinion)

Matt Freeman clarifies how Idaho's Direct Admissions program works and serves residents of the state.


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