Essay on colleges' approach to families ability and willingness to pay college costs

Richard DiFeliciantonio considers the realities and contradictions of financial aid and admissions policy.


Canadian universities report surge in U.S. students committing to enroll

American students -- at record numbers -- are accepting offers of admissions from Canadian universities. So are students from other parts of the world.

An admissions reformer takes stock of the use of noncognitive variables

William Sedlacek, a pioneer in the use of noncognitive measures for admissions, discusses his new book on the state of the movement.

U of California Limits Out-of-State Enrollments

The University of California Board of Regents voted Thursday to cap out-of-state enrollment at 18 percent of undergraduate enrollment at the five campuses currently below that level. But for the other four campuses -- generally those with the most admissions demand -- current out-of-state levels may be maintained. At the University of California, Berkeley, that rate is more than 24 percent, and the San Diego and Los Angeles campuses both have rates over 22 percent. The policy was adopted as Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, and legislators have pushed the system to admit more Californians.

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Missouri Plans Cuts as Enrollment Falls

The University of Missouri-Columbia is expected to cut about 400 positions as it faces its smallest freshman class in two decades and a projected 7.4 percent decline in enrollment.

Fewer than 100 of the job cuts will be layoffs, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported after the university's interim chancellor announced budget details Monday. Other job cuts would be through attrition, retirements and not renewing nontenured faculty contracts. Tenured faculty would not be subject to layoffs. More than 13,000 people work at the university full-time.

University leaders blamed the enrollment drop on a falling number of high school graduates in the region and “public perception concerns” coming after leaders resigned following protests over what students saw as a culture of racism in fall 2015.

The enrollment decline is expected to cut revenue by $16.6 million. The state has also cut its support by 6.4 percent, or $14.7 million.

The university is increasing tuition by 2.1 percent, a move leaders hope will add $7 million in revenue.

Other institutions in the University of Missouri system have also been asked to come up with proposals to cut their budgets by between 8 percent and 12 percent.

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Compilation on Challenges in Enrollment

Inside Higher Ed is pleased to release today our latest print-on-demand compilation, "Challenges in Enrollment," which includes articles related to a range of ideas and colleges. You may download the booklet, free, here. And you may sign up here for a free webinar on the themes of the booklet on Thursday, June 8, at 2 p.m. Eastern.

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Essay reflecting on diversity and admissions process

Natasha K. Warikoo, the author of a new book about diversity and admissions, reflects on helping her son apply to a private school while she was reviewing applicants to a graduate program.

Some liberal arts colleges in the Midwest had a challenging admissions cycle

For some institutions that would typically have their classes set by now, application numbers were disappointing and deposits have lagged. "June 1 may be the new May 1."

Experts offer range of views on plan to kill high school transcripts and reform college admissions

Some praise plan offered by more than 100 elite private schools to kill high school transcripts and reform college admissions. Others are dubious.


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