Skidmore Drops Admissions Testing Requirement

Skidmore College announced Wednesday that it is dropping its past requirement that applicants submit SAT or ACT scores. “We’ve found that our admissions evaluations are more predictive of academic achievement and retention at Skidmore than are standardized test scores,” said a statement from Mary Lou Bates, vice president and dean of admissions and financial aid.

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Parents and students pay a high price for college remediation, study finds

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An inadequate high school education can get expensive for students when they need to take remedial courses in college, according to a new report.

14.7% Gain in In-State Admissions Offers by U of California

The University of California announced Monday that undergraduate admissions offers to California residents are up 14.7 percent over last year in the university system. The university has been criticized for in recent years for upping its out-of-state admissions offers (to students who pay much higher tuition rates). The admissions offers this year follow a deal between the university and Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, to create more slots for California residents if the state provides more funds to the system.

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Study Finds VA Fails to Protect Veterans From Deceptive Recruiting

A memo from Yale Law School's Veterans Legal Services Clinic finds that the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs had the authority to protect veterans from institutions that use deceptive recruiting practices by denying GI Bill funds to those colleges. But the VA and other state approving agencies have failed to do so.

"Although the VA is responsible for overseeing education benefits for veterans, it has been slow to join other agencies in addressing deceptive practices, drawing criticism from congressional and veterans' leaders," said the memo.

The memo prompted Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal, a Democrat, to call on the VA to act against deceptive recruitment by predatory colleges.

“The VA has a clear moral and legal obligation to identify fraudulent behavior at schools that enroll veterans,” said Blumenthal. “The VA should also partner with the Federal Trade Commission and other agencies to crack down on predatory for-profit schools so that veterans do not waste their hard-earned benefits on worthless degrees.”

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U of Akron Fights With Paper Over Enrollment Figures

The University of Akron has had a series of controversies in the last year over spending priorities, management decisions and more. Now the university is fighting with its local newspaper, The Akron Beacon-Journal, which reported last week that spring semester enrollment was down 3.2 percent from a year ago. The day that story appeared, the university sent an email message to 3,500 people denouncing the newspaper for publishing “inaccurate, misleading and apparently relied on out-of-date information.” A new article in the newspaper said that new data had in fact been released the day the first article appeared and that the new data were not shared with the newspaper prior to its first article appeared. The new data, the newspaper reported, suggest serious enrollment challenges for Akron that weren't evident from the prior data. At this time a year ago, 2,464 students had confirmed they would attend in the fall. This year, 1,658 have done so.

Wells College Goes Test Optional on Admissions

Wells College, following a faculty vote, will end a requirement that applicants submit SAT or ACT scores, The Auburn Citizen reported. “We want to make sure that all students who want to come to Wells are encouraged to apply, and don’t want standardized test scores to be a barrier to acceptance,” said Susan Raith Sloan, director of admissions and financial aid.

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New SAT launches with relative calm among test takers

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The redesigned test arrives, amid relative calm among test takers. But not all students seem fully aware of the much publicized changes.

College Board Blocks Nonstudents at Saturday SAT

The College Board has tightened security for this Saturday's administration of the SAT, which will be the first to reflect recent changes made in the test. Zach Goldberg, a spokesman for the College Board, said that a review of registration lists indicated an "unusually high number" of people registered who appear not to be taking this test for "its intended purpose." The College Board is moving all such people to the May registration period. If someone who has been moved truly needs to take the test in March because of deadlines for admissions or financial aid purposes, Goldberg said, there is an appeal process. The College Board does permit test-prep companies and others to have their employees take the tests. On social media, some test-prep employees who had signed up for the SAT on Saturday were complaining about missing the chance to do so.

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Justice Dept. Examines SAT, ACT on Accommodations

The U.S. Justice Department is gathering information about how the College Board (for the SAT) and ACT handle requests for accommodations from students with disabilities, Education Week reported. The issues of what accommodations students are entitled to, and how testing organizations handle requests, are not new. But the report says that the government's interest in the issue has grown as more states require all high school students to take one of the admissions tests. In some cases, while students' high schools have granted them accommodations (such as extra time) related to their disabilities, the testing agencies have declined to do so.

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Manitoba Ed School Keeps 45% of Spots for Diversity

The University of Manitoba has announced that its Senate has approved a plan to reserve 45 percent of the slots in its education bachelor's program for various diversity categories. The goal of the effort is to add to the diversity of those who teach in Canada's elementary and secondary schools. The program will go into effect next year and the slots will be reserved for those who are: from Canadian indigenous groups; "racialized persons," including indigenous people from outside of Canada; people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender; people with disabilities; and people who are economically disadvantaged.


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