A roundup of other admissions news of the last week

Rejecting Trump proposals on aid programs, more students taking LSAT, new hurdle possible for international students.

Study finds notable increase in grades in high schools nationally

Where is grade inflation the highest? At schools where students are more likely than elsewhere to be wealthier and white. Does this create more inequity and uncertainty in admissions?

Long Beach surveys families to find awareness gaps about the city's free college program

Surveys find that language and distance, particularly for small groups of nationalities, can be barriers to raising awareness about Long Beach's popular college promise program.

Reed used personal approach to attract international students in difficult year

Letter from college president highlighted approach that made clear that American higher ed doesn't back Trump policies.

Essay asks whether elite college admissions offices have trade secrets

Jim Jump considers why Princeton and other competitive colleges don't want their internal admissions mechanisms shared.

Louisiana law reflects momentum for 'ban the box' movement, but only with exceptions

Louisiana bars public colleges from asking about and making admissions decisions based on a criminal past. But LSU illustrates how the shift may be less dramatic than it appears.

A round-up of recent news in admissions

New data on international yields; 30 private colleges opt in to Cuomo tuition and aid plan; a film that won't educate about college costs and choices.

Essay by counselor in China about how wealthy students there game U.S. college admissions

Burgess Mandella offers an inside look at how the favored in China impress American admissions officers.

California Supreme Court rejects appeal of ruling that permits Deep Springs to admit women

California Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal from alumni trying to block admission of women. Could six years of litigation be nearing an end?

Admissions Insider: Parents’ Political Veto of Colleges

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