Machines can craft essays. How should writing be taught now?

Artificial intelligence can now produce prose that accomplishes the learning outcomes of a college writing assignment. What does that say about the assignment?

On the left-hand side, a person writes on a clipboard with a pen. On the right-hand side, a robotic hand types on a laptop keyboard.

Florida A&M's football woes spotlight lack of resources

Florida A&M’s football team called out administrators after 26 players were declared ineligible for the season opener. Now the university is facing calls for accountability.

Willie Simmons and Deion Sanders, both Black men in athletic wear and baseball caps, confer during a game.

ABA proposes eliminating standardized tests for law school

The leading law school accreditor has proposed eliminating the standardized test requirement for admissions. Proponents argue it would increase diversity, but detractors fear a loss of accountability.


House passes College Transparency Act

It calls for all colleges to release information on student enrollment, persistence, transfer and completion measures for all programs and degree levels.


A possible model for identifying riskiest colleges for students

A framework developed to identify the riskiest colleges for veterans could be a model for state regulators and accreditors to spot colleges that could close or harm students.


Six ideas for prioritizing academic integrity among students

Just 17% of students say all or nearly all their professors have put effort into using authentic assessments that make cheating more difficult; another quarter say many professors have done so.

Student perceptions of academic integrity and exposure to unethical behaviors uncovered in our survey can guide colleges in educating about such issues and taking action to prevent cheating.


Dealing with college students’ learning loss: The Key podcast

Two experts on student learning discuss how colleges and professors can gauge whether and how much the pandemic set back students on their educational paths.


Studies pick college programs with best investment returns

Two new studies examine which degree programs at which institutions offer graduates the best chance of recouping their costs and repaying their loans.


Minerva, a higher education outsider, now an accredited university

The unabashed “Ivy League alternative,” birthed from an investor-backed start-up, gains a very traditional stamp of approval.


Survey of colleges finds mixed reactions to test-optional admissions

Colleges find significant gains in enrollment of minority and low-income students, but also difficulties in predicting yield.


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