College associations introduce new ways to measure student completion

College associations create system to convey more information on completion than is provided by federal report.

Congressional panel hears criticism of 'broken' accreditation system

Congressional panel hears from accreditors and their critics, and appears to sympathize with the latter.

Minerva pushing proposal to create new accreditation system

Proposal circulating on Capitol Hill asks accreditors to create a way for new providers to gain approval more quickly.

Studies challenge the findings of 'Academically Adrift'

Challenging findings of landmark 2011 study, new data suggest that college students make significantly bigger gains in critical thinking. But differences in methodology may contribute to the differing conclusions.

GED faces competition as states weigh two new entrants

The GED Testing Service is set to launch revised version that adds college readiness. But backlash over cost and access has led to competition from two serious new entrants.

Public university accountability system expands ways to report student learning

Reboot of Voluntary System of Accountability aims to give institutions more flexibility in reporting student learning -- but new options (including non-standardized one) may not have expanded enough to win many converts.

In study abroad, a call for greater intentionality, and ambition

At annual gathering of study abroad administrators, speakers describe a need for programs guided by more clearly defined learning outcomes.

U.S. accreditors expand their activities overseas

U.S. accrediting agencies believe they have a role to play in facilitating mobility and improving the quality of overseas institutions, but will they find it difficult to uphold the integrity of their standards abroad?

Feds give nudge to competency-based education

The U.S. Department of Education encourages colleges and accreditors to move forward on competency-based education programs that don't rely on the credit hour.

Accreditor's new standards raise bar for serving the public

Higher Learning Commission puts "public good" into regional accreditation while considering probation of the University of Phoenix. Will more for-profits stumble?


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