COVID-19 forces college libraries to quarantine textbooks, hitting low-income students

Librarians are quarantining print materials for several days between loans to stop the spread of COVID-19. For students who rely on the library to access textbooks, that’s a problem.

Author discusses new book on merit and higher education

Author discusses his new book about how colleges admit and serve students.

Q&A with author of book on models for independent colleges

Dominican University of California president Mary Marcy talks about her recent book, The Small College Imperative, and about how the coronavirus has changed things.

Survey suggests challenges for open textbooks ahead

Awareness and adoption of open educational resources continue to grow, a new report suggests. But the movement could be overshadowed by publisher initiatives like inclusive access.

New book examines market stress bearing down on colleges and universities

A new book looks at how the market is affecting colleges' futures -- and where risk is most concentrated.

Bryan Alexander answers questions about his book 'Academia Next'

Bryan Alexander's new book, Academia Next, attempts to predict the future of higher education. We asked him a few questions about what's in store.

Free law textbooks raise questions about OER

Legal scholars are increasingly adopting and creating free textbooks in an attempt to increase affordability for students. But are these textbooks considered open educational resources?

College bookstores group opposes Cengage-McGraw merger

Planned pricing changes by academic publisher Cengage have not gone down well with the National Association of College Stores.

A window of opportunity for alternative textbook providers

As major textbook publishers grapple with new strategic directions, alternative providers focused on lower-cost materials seize the opportunity to grow their market share.

Academic librarians should have same access to professors that textbook reps do (opinion)

Publishers’ sales teams can freely visit professors on many campuses. Steven J. Bell asks, shouldn't academic librarians promoting alternatives have easy access to the faculty, too?


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