Open-access mega-journal PLOS ONE continues to shrink

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The world's largest scholarly journal, PLOS ONE, is seeing fewer and fewer researchers publish their work in it as the open-access publishing market evolves.

Book argues that faculty's diminishing influence puts higher education at risk

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Book argues that faculty’s diminishing influence puts higher education at risk. Suggested interventions include changing tenure to save it -- namely by ending it for professors at 70 years of age.

Novelists love to write about professors. Will they start to write more about those off the tenure track?

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Writers love to write about professors. With most professors now off the tenure track, will these kinds of characters start to appear more in fiction? Nathan Hill's new book, The Nix, could be a start.

Authors discuss new book challenging the narrative about colleges and the 'skills gap'

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Authors discuss book that seeks to counter the narrative about how higher ed prepares students for careers. They say college must be more than job training, and that term “liberal arts” is misunderstood.

Amid declining book sales, university presses search for new ways to measure success

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Amid declining book sales, university presses search for new ways to measure success.

New study suggests science dissertations increasingly are series of articles, not book-length studies

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New study suggests that science dissertations increasingly are research article based, not book-length studies, reflecting the professionalization of the Ph.D.

Common freshman reading selections focus on immigration, racial injustice

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Immigration and racial injustice are topics of choice for common reading choices this year.

New university initiatives focus on bringing open educational resources to the masses

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New initiatives at university systems show the maturation of efforts to increase the use of open educational resources.

Q&A with author of book on how librarians can better serve higher education

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New book explores how academic libraries can shape their services to better serve higher education -- and what librarians should do to make it happen.

Start-up sees data analytics as information overload cure for researchers, publishers

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Start-up uses data analytics to tackle information overload among researchers and publishers in science, medical and technical fields.


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