Virginia Foxx weighs in on the GOP's higher education priorities

The likely next chair of the U.S. House education committee weighs in on GOP higher education priorities a week after Republicans captured the White House and retained both chambers of Congress.


Adjunct says he was fired for insisting on rigor in his course

Instructor says he was fired -- shortly after he complained to accreditor -- for refusing to water down his curriculum and requirements. Another instructor quit rather than comply.


Community colleges examining low and stagnant enrollments

Some educators see other factors besides a recovering economy as a reasons why their enrollments are low.


Stackable credential pathways can lead to short-term certificates of questionable value

Stackable credential pathways have plenty of promise, but a new study fuels worries about poorly designed programs shunting underrepresented student groups into short-term programs of questionable value.


Students who earn C's in gateway courses are less likely to graduate, new data show

Data show that students who earn C's in foundational courses are much less likely to graduate. As a result, U of Arizona may require some C students to repeat a course.


Papers call for more targeted use of state funding for public colleges


State dollars for public higher education would go farther, prominent researchers argue, if more of it went to open-access colleges and need-based aid.


Community college pilots course sections for African-American students

Moraine Valley Community College limits enrollment in some sections of college success course to African-American students -- and raises eyebrows.


Free-college campaigns attempt to remain above politics

Advocates of free community college initiatives want to remain nonpartisan, and sometimes that means altering the rhetoric.


Colleges rethink criminal justice training in rise of Black Lives Matter

Shootings and debate over police tactics prompt changes in programs that train law enforcement officials.


Kentucky will delay free community college scholarship

A planned scholarship to provide students in Kentucky with free tuition for the first two years is put on ice for a year by the state's governor.



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