Digital findings from community college ITC 2016 report

The new Instructional Technology Council report shows that the other two big online issues are assessing learning and preparedness and course completion.

Proposal highlights role of completion in free-college push

A proposal for a federal matching grant underlines the connection between per-student spending by institutions and degree attainment.

Tallahassee professor fired after program loses potential accreditation

Community college faces students upset that they can't be licensed after a professor -- fired this week -- reportedly didn't have time to deal with accreditor, despite having time to teach online at two for-profit institutions.

President Resigns After Allegedly Calling Assault Victim 'Stupid'

Niagara County Community College President James Klyczek resigned just hours before the college's Board of Trustees held a meeting Wednesday to decide whether or not to fire him after he allegedly called a sexual assault victim "stupid," according to The Buffalo News.

Audio of Klyczek's remarks was leaked to a local news affiliate in Buffalo; the college president can be heard commenting about one woman who reported an assault near the campus library. In the audio clip, Klyczek says, "What is she, stupid? I mean, no, seriously. This just aggravates me. Make us the guilty party because you're too stupid to follow your instinct …. Her daughter should be worried, because if she's got her mother's genes, she's dumber than a doorknob."

Two other college administrators also allegedly made disparaging remarks about sexual assault victims.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had also called for an investigation into NCCC's response to sexual assault crimes and whether the college sent adequate notifications to members of the college community. NCCC is investigating two recent reports of sexual assault.

Klyczek, who became acting president in 2002, contacted board trustees Wednesday afternoon to announce that he was retiring. Niagara trustees were asked earlier this year by NCCC's Faculty Senate to remove Klyczek after a news investigation discovered bid rigging at the college for the construction of a culinary institute.

Several trustees told Buffalo media that Klyczek certainly would have been fired at the Wednesday meeting.

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Controversy over Alice Goffman leads Pomona students to say her alleged racial insensitivities disqualify her from visiting professorship

Controversy over Alice Goffman's book lives on, with students at Pomona saying the sociologist's alleged racial insensitivities should disqualify her from a visiting professorship there.

Vocational education surges but continues to struggle with image and gender imbalance

Demand surges for graduates of career and technical programs at two-year colleges, yet vocational education continues to struggle with an image problem and a deep gender imbalance.

More colleges look to replicate CUNY's accelerated two-year program

Community colleges in New York and California are hoping to replicate the success of the City University of New York’s Accelerated Study in Associate Programs, which has doubled completion rates.

Students who attend college full-time for even one semester are more likely to graduate

A growing body of research shows that full-time college students are more likely to graduate, yet experts caution against policies that neglect part-time students.

Kentucky Limits Free 2-Year College Program

Kentucky's free community college scholarship program will be limited to students seeking certificates in five industries with worker shortages -- health care, advanced manufacturing, transportation and logistics, business services and internet technology, and construction.

The state's Work Ready Scholarship program was originally conceived and approved by the state's Legislature last year to include students seeking two-year associate degrees. However, the state's Republican governor, Matt Bevin, vetoed that legislation but left $15.9 million of funding for it in the state's budget bill. In December, Bevin issued an executive order redefining the limits of the scholarship to just include certificate seekers in those five areas.

Although Bevin's order was issued in December, the change only recently became clear because legislators were not aware that the term "diploma" didn't include two-year degrees within the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

Kentucky is the second state to consider limiting tuition-free programs to just certificate seekers in specific fields.

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Valencia College President Wins McGraw Prize

Sandy Shugart, president of Florida's Valencia College, is one of three recipients of this year's McGraw Prize in Education, which is administered through an alliance between McGraw-Hill Education and Arizona State University.

Shugart's prize was for his role in a "stellar model of community college change that is increasing graduation rates and helping large numbers of Hispanic students succeed," according to a news release, which said Shugart had overseen an "83 percent increase in the number of students who earn an A.A. degree each year" from 2006 to 2014.

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