Pima Responds to Accreditation Team's Report

Pima Community College has responded to a scathingly critical report by a site team from its regional accreditor, which recommended that the Arizona institution be placed on probation. While the college said it takes the criticism seriously, it pushed back on certain findings in the report. For example, it clarified that the now-suspended effort to tighten admission standards was aimed at incoming students who perform at or below 7th-grade level. College administrators did not think these changes constituted a mission change. The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association is set to consider the probation recommendation next week.

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Report Details Problems at Roxbury Community College

An independent report requested by the board of Roxbury Community College found that the Massachusetts institution had violated campus safety laws and may have lost track of significant sums of money, The Boston Globe reported. The investigation was requested after the departure of the last president and several board members, amid various allegations about the college. One finding was that the college had failed to investigate sexual assault complaints about two employees. New board members and administrators have said that they are already working on some of the issues identified in the report, and said that they would continue efforts to improve management of the college.


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Impact of Cuts on California's Two-Year Colleges

California's community colleges would be serving 600,000 additional students if the system had not absorbed $1.5 billion in budget cuts over four years, according to a new report from the Public Policy Institute of California. Since 2007, the state's 112 community colleges have been forced to substantially reduce staffing, which in turn led to a 21 percent dip in course offerings, the report found. And first-time students were the most likely to be turned away, with a 5 percent enrollment decline even as the number of California high school graduates increased by 9 percent.

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Two community colleges share 2013 Aspen Prize

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Two community colleges share 2013 Aspen Prize, a feel-good event featuring serious data that might have legs.

Too Many Administrators at California Community Colleges?

A new analysis from California Watch suggests that California's cash-strapped community colleges could save millions of dollars by sharing administrators. "More than half of the state’s community college districts are within 20 miles of another district. And the vast majority of those districts have a single college," says the report. Some of those quoted in the report say that such colleges should be combined into new districts at the same time, saving time and money on governing boards as well.


House passes work force bill that won't become law

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House-passed legislation to renew Workforce Investment Act would consolidate programs and create mixed results for community colleges, but Democratic opposition probably dooms it.

Carnegie Foundation's remedial math fix

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Carnegie Foundation's remedial math redesign shows big gains but no simple answers to one of higher education's toughest challenges.

Colorado's Universities Oppose Push for Limited 2-Year-College Bachelor's Degrees

Presidents of many of Colorado's four-year universities sent a letter last month in which they urged legislators to oppose a bill that would allow the state's community colleges to offer bachelor's degrees in a select number of fields, The Denver Post reported. The presidents, signed by the leaders of the University of Colorado and Colorado State University Systems, among others, argued that the new degrees would create overlap in institutional missions and strain already limited state funding, the newspaper reported.

Nancy McCallin, president of the Colorado Community College System, cited significant unmet demand in fields such as dental hygiene and culinary arts and said that the state's higher education commission would have to approve any new degree programs, ensuring that there was not overlap, the Post said.

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Study looks at K12 to community college transition in California

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High school achievement tests are good predictors of performance for students at California's community colleges, but study also finds troubling achievement gaps.

Los Angeles Community College Chancellor to Resign

Daniel LaVista, chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District since 2010, has announced he will be leaving the position, The Los Angeles Times reported. During his tenure, the district has dealt with severe state-imposed budget cuts and faced considerable scrutiny over management of a massive construction program.



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