Chicago community college quickly improves completion rates

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Kennedy-King College in Chicago increased completion rates by 50 percent in five years, earning a new Aspen Institute award for the community college, which enrolls mostly low-income and minority students.

California community college system signs transfer deal with nine HBCUs

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California's community college system signs an agreement with nine historically black colleges to make it easier for students to transfer across state borders.

Community College Transfer Network Expands

The American Honors Network, a transfer consortium that links community colleges with four-year institutions, has expanded to include more than 50 partner colleges. The for-profit company creates a pathway for students to enroll in a rigorous honors program at host community colleges in five states, where they receive additional academic support, such as advising. The network's four-year colleges have agreed to recruit and enroll those students after they complete the first two years in the program. The group's four-year members include public and private institutions, many of which are selective. New additions include Duke University, Smith College and Purdue University.

Part-time student engagement up at 2-year colleges

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Annual survey of community college students finds key gains for a key demographic.

Community College Enrollment and Completion Data

Nationwide community college enrollment numbers continue to decline. But student completion rates in the sector are higher than many people think. Those are the two primary findings in a new report the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) released last week. 

The report is based on data from the U.S. Department of Education and the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. It found that enrollments at two-year colleges are down for the third consecutive year, dropping by 3.5 percent during the year prior to last fall. That decline is largest among older students, who may be returning to the workforce, the report said.

Full-time community college students graduate at a rate of 57 percent within six years, according to the report, either from the institution where they originally enrolled or another college. The Clearinghouse's six-year completion rate for all community college students is 39 percent.

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Colleges teaching digital skills can bridge middle skills gap

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More digital skills courses would help community colleges fill the middle-skill career gap, a report asserts.

Study reveals SAT thresholds may hinder future four-year success

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Study reveals minimum SAT requirements that push students toward the two-year sector may hinder their success at earning four-year degrees.

2-Year Colleges in Michigan Get $50M for Job Training

Michigan's Republican governor, Rick Snyder, this week announced $50 million in grants to the state's community colleges. The money is to be used to buy equipment in high-demand fields, such as welding, health care and robotics. Community college officials in the state said the rapid pace of technology requires investment in technology for academic programs.

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New Special Trustee for CCSF and Earlier Return of Board

City College of San Francisco's Board of Trustees should be able to regain their governing authority over the large two-year college this summer, Brice Harris, the California community college system chancellor, announced this week. The board had their powers stripped away as part of CCSF's long-running accreditation crisis, which has stabilized to some degree in recent months. Harris also announced the appointment of a new "special trustee" to oversee City College. Guy Lease, a former community college president in California, will serve in that role until the board returns. He replaces Robert Agrella, who retired last month, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

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State-Level Completion Data

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center this week released state-level student completion data. The nonprofit center tracked 2.7 million students who first enrolled in college in the fall of 2008, following them for 6 years. The report builds on the center's previous research, which found more encouraging graduation rates than other studies had identified, in part because the Clearinghouse has huge data sets that can follow students across institutions and state lines.

Nationwide, the report found that one in three community college students earned a credential at an institution other than the one at which they first enrolled. And 13 percent of students who began at a four-year public completed at a different institution. In five states (Iowa, North Dakota, Virginia, Kansas and Texas), more than 20 percent of students who began at a community college completed at a four-year institution. The report includes state-by-state tables and other breakouts of the data.


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